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Hello and welcome! Europe is a fascinating place and full of adventures. I feel very lucky and blessed to be born there and for me there is no bigger value than living on a continent that is safe and sound. Therefore it makes me sadder everyday that this nation crumbles more and more. We have to remember that the things that unite us are more important than the ones that separate us.

So I put together this list that celebrates a few highlights that you can experience in Europe! Of course there is always more to see than it is on this list but nevertheless enjoy it!


To get things easier, I divided this post into three sections. First destinations, then Activities and finally food adventures (can’t wait for the food huh?) Regarding destinations, Europe is a paradise for all kinds of wonderful vacations! City trips, beautiful beaches, hiking, stunning coastlines, mountains, etc etc etc. You can basically chose anything without any limitations! Ready to back your bags? Get ready with this Backpacking Europe Packing List and have the time of your life!

Do Island Hopping in Greece

Greece offers incredible destinations! From the monasteries of Meteora or Athens to the beautiful islands. These islands with their white houses next to the blue sea or their black, red or white sanded beaches are almost the definition of a paradise! I had the pleasure to see Santorini in March and I can tell you, so much beauty can be barely found!

Island Hopping in Greece is a major thing on a Europe Bucketlist

Explore Malta & Croatia and the sets of Game of Throne

Let’s be honest: anyone who doesn’t know Game of Thrones must be living in a cave. The show is iconic & some of those things that you can watch over and over again. And something we can’t wait to watch, even if we know that it will deeply hurt us. And did you know that parts of this show came to life in Europe?

Malta & Croatia hosted the show and delivered some epic locations to shoot! I didn’t get to visit them yet, but I actually cannot wait and maybe get to do it this summer!

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Enjoy the Lavender Fields in the South of France

If I would have to name three things that cross my mind when thinking about France it would undoubtedly be Paris, macarons and the Provence. And with the Provence come the lavender fields it is famous for.

See The Amalfi Coast and Visit Positano

To be honest, Italy is full with beautiful places and it would take a long time to travel all of them. But my biggest Bucketlist destination in Italy must be the Amalfi Coast and Positano! The scenery is so wonderful and I cannot wait to go there someday!

Go on an Epic Roadtrip in Wales

One of the best road trips in Europe in my opinion is one that takes place in Wales. This country is incredibly underrated but will offer some of the most incredible landscapes that I have ever witnessed. It doesn’t matter if you visit the Pembrokeshire National park in the South, the beautiful mountains up north or Ynys Llandwyn, the most breathtaking place ever. I promise you, you will be baffled away by this wonderful country.

Ynys Llandwyn, Europe Bucket List - La Vie En Marine

This small peninsula will leave you speechless!

Activities & Adventures

Be on Top of The Eiffel Tower

Let’s start with something that I actually already did! Paris is something that nobody should miss during their travels in Europe. And one of the many things you have to do there, is to go on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Best is to go during dawn, so that you get the view by day and night. I just got the view by night and it was a little bit sad. So make sure that you book the ticket in advance!

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Being on Top of the Eiffel Tower will take your breath away! Europe Bucket List - La Vie En Marine

Throw A Coin in The Trevi Fountain

Something that I actually didn’t do yet, but it is definitely on my list. The Trevi fountain is one of Rome’s most famous monuments and the legend says that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you are sure to return to Rome. It is very important that you do it right, as only the correct technique will secure your next visit in Rome. You stand with the back to the fountain & use your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder. Got it?

Visit a German castle!

One of the things that Germany is famous for is that it holds a couple of beautiful castles! Usually most people only go to see Schloss Neuschwanstein but there are still some amazing ones that are less known! My favorite is definitely Burg Eltz in the Eifel. Located in a valley it looks like Hogwarts with its dreamy towers and other features. Another tip: as Burg Eltz is already very crowded, make sure to visit it in the early morning, if you want to have pictures without any other tourists in it.

Visiting Burg Eltz, Europe Bucket List - La Vie En Marine

See the Acropolis

Athens, the birthplace of democracy is a city that belongs on every Europe itinerary! Its highlight is the Acropolis, a mountain that is crowned by the Parthenon, a huge temple, dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom. Seeing it will give you some Europe vibes!

Visiting the birthplace of democracy, Europe Bucketlist , La Vie En Marine

See The Oktoberfest

A tradition, that I as a German would never attend. (In some regions of Germany we aren’t into Bavaria.) But nevertheless I thought that it should make it onto this list. The Oktoberfest is a huge party in Munich, where people wear funny clothes, drink liters of beer & eat at least 15 pretzels. And when they talk, it sounds very funny.

Biking in Copenhagen & Learn More About Danish Design

I am a huge fan of Denmark! They are the founders of hygge, are winning with their bicycles and are the home to some amazing designers. If you get to visit Copenhagen, make sure to ride a bike there (as if you have a chance not to, honestly) and visit the Copenhagen Design Museum (in case you don’t have any knowledge about it so far!). In any case check out the Illums Bolighus and do some designer shopping!

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Me sitting on a pole in Nyhavn - La Vie En Marine

Admire The Beauty of Sagrada Familia & Parc Guell

Gaudí was undoubtedly one of Europe’s most important architects and in Barcelona you can see two of his most amazing creations! You should definitely check them out when visiting Europe!

Hike a Scandinavian Forrest

The Scandinavian countries are famous for their beautiful forests and I still can’t forget them! The pure beauty of the wilderness is something so touching, it will leave a lasting impression on you!

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A Guy standing on a bridge in Tyresta - La Vie En Marine

Food Adventures

Have Raclette in Switzerland

Who doesn’t love some good cheese? If you have ever been to Switzerland, you know that they are experts in the field of cheese. And they also know how to enjoy it best! They take a half or a quarter of a massive piece of cheese and put a heater on top of it. Then you use a spatula to scratch off the first layer of melted cheese and this you have with potatoes, bread or ham!

Tapas Tour in Spain

I love love love good food! And my favourite type to have it is in small dishes, so I can try loads of different flavours. Therefore it is almost clear that I love to eat Tapas! The traditional Spanish cuisine consists of many small plates with different dishes on there. Like tortilla, dateles, gambas, aceitunas, boquerones, calamares, patatas bravas, pimientos de padron and so on and on! If you didn’t know these words, please don’t google them. Try them first!

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Have a Döner in Berlin

Do you know what a döner is? Maybe not, but it is something super delicious. A bread stuffed with meat, salad, veggies & sauces. The interesting thing about it, is that it is a turkish dish, invented in Berlin! And the most delicious ones can be found exactly there!

Eat Belgian Fries

Belgians actually seem like peaceful people. The only thing they get angry with, when someone deprives the origin of fries. No it is not France or the Netherlands. The first fries were actually made in Belgium. And that’s why you need to try the very original fries in Belgium.

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Pizza in Naples

Did you know where your Pizza comes from? Not where you bought it our where the ingredients are from but where pizza itself was from? It is from Naples. And the art of baking a pizza was even declared as an UNESCO World Heritage. Worth a visit right?

What you also didn’t know that you have been eating pizza wrong all the time. Actually you have to fold it, so that you have all four sides in one bite. This way you taste all the ingredients at the very same moment and don’t spill the tomato sauce!


This list is by far not complete! Europe is filled with adventures and wonderful things to experience. What is your favorite adventure to have in Europe? Let me know!


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