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How to Hike in Tyresta, Sweden

Hello fellows, the year has halfway passed so maybe it is time to tell you about Tyresta and the best First Day of the Year I’ve ever had. We spent the days before New Years Eve exploring Stockholm. We have always been fans of Scandinavia and therefore, it was a dream to actually visit it.

Most of the time we stayed in the city, busy with sight seeing and café hopping. We enjoyed the flair and the atmosphere and directly fell in love with the city. Therefore we already imagine where we could live if we were living there and how we would decorate our apartment and so on. But when planning our first trip to a Scandinavian country, I decided that we would have to see some nature in any case. I researched on the national parks that are the closest to Stockholm and I discovered the beautiful Tyresta National Park (find their website here).

About Tyresta

The park almost covers 20 kmof wonderful and unmanaged nature. As it remains untouched, up to 8.000 species of wild life can be found there and some of it’s trees are supposed to be more than 400 years old. And trust me: visiting such a primeval forrest is something really special and interesting.

How To Get To Tyresta

You can either reach Tyresta by car or by train. As we were a bit young back then (20 years old) we decided to skip renting a car due to the extremely high costs for insurance. Furthermore taking the car in general is not a good option, keeping in mind that we live in times of global warming.

As it is super simple and only takes a 1,5 hours train ride, we opted for this alternative. First we took a train that brought us to Sweden’s country side and afterwards we hopped onto a bus that brought us to Tyresta-by.

About Tyresta By

After we arrived we first took a look at Tryesta by, a small village located at the forest edge. If I only had one word to describe it, it would be idyllic. Surrounded by nature it only holds a small amount of houses and only one public toilet. One of those houses is a small café that offers coffee, cakes and protein bars for your hike.

Find their website here.

The only other restaurant there is the Lanthandeln and you not only can’t miss it but also mustn’t miss it. It is a cute small place that offers local candies, honey and other delicious things. But the highlight for us was the sausage on a stick that you could roast over their bonfire. And let me ask you: is there anything cozier or more warming than roasting a sausage over open fire after a long hike, while watching the sun set being Swedish hills? Probably not.

About The Park.

But before having a sausage we actually had to work for it. In total we walked 8 km that day and well we are no experts in hiking. We didn’t have proper shoes or even the stamina for it. You have to go up and down and sometimes even to climb a bit to get through the trail we opted for. To admit it we didn’t walk the full trail as we were tired and the sun was already about to set.

But the whole trail was so extraordinary beautiful that we couldn’t believe our every. Every turn opened up a new wonderful scenery that was just breathtaking. The air was so fresh and crisp that I just couldn’t get enough of it. It felt so amazing especially keeping in mind that it was the first day of a brand new year. It was the perfect way to start off brand new. Returning to Tyresta by and later to Stockholm we were smiling all the way through.

Hiking in Tyresta, Sweden - La Vie En Marine
Breathtaking Tyresta

Thank You for reading this article! Check out my post about biking in Copenhagen if you are interested in more Scandinavian adventures of mine.

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How to Hike in Tyresta, Sweden - La Vie En Marine


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