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Meet Paula – part-time traveler & full-time dreamer

Join me on my adventure around the world! Fueled by insatiable wanderlust, I am sharing my travel stories that resonate with a diverse audience of adventure and travel enthusiasts around the world. In my articles, stories, and short videos, I share my travel tips. My content provides detailed insights into trip planning and itineraries, as well as tips on the most delicious food at each destination I travel to.

Why Collaborate?

  • Authenticity: La Vie En Marine offers an authentic voice that resonates with trust.
  • Engagement: My engaged community ensures maximum brand impact.
  • Visual Appeal: Stunning visuals elevate your brand’s presence.
  • Global Reach: Tap into a diverse, international audience.

Join La Vie En Marine on an exciting journey, and let your brand become a part of my travel stories.

My Services

Sponsored Blogpost – tap into the world of native advertising with a blog post of 800 words dedicated to your service or product.

Blogpost Placement – become the sponsor of one of my blog posts. You will be able to showcase your product with a picture, text, and link to your website.

Instagram or TikTok Video – in a short video, I will show your product to my audience and outline why people should buy it.