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I love to travel and I have a lot of things to do. But I am also a person that is scared easily. Yesterday I screamed because a frog randomly jumped on the sidewalk. Somehow I lost my fearlessness along the way and this bucket list is my way to get it back. I want to feel brave again and so I wrote down some things that scare me. You might think that it isn’t that scary at all but for me, a lot of these things require a lot of courage.

This list is growing faster than I can check things off, but I am serious about it. If you stay tuned, you will see more and more adventures that I experienced!

Wildlife Adventure Bucket List

  • Go on a safari in Africa and see the big five
  • Ride my pony at a beach – Only those who have experienced it can understand how it feels to ride one’s own horse at the beach. The fresh air, the salt everywhere around you, the speed, the strength of that animal you are sitting on. There is nothing that you can compare to it in my opinion.
  • Swim with a whale shark
  • Hold a koala
  • Swim with hammerhead sharks
  • Cage-Diving with white sharks in South Africa – could there be a bigger adrenaline rush? Seeing these huge creatures up close is an incredible dream of mine, that I wished to fulfil for a while!
  • Swim with whales
  • Visit a sloth sanctuary
  • See turtles breed or hatch
  • Swim with manatees
  • Swim with turtles  – there was not a single day in my life that was better than the day I swam with turtles. Before I was in love with the ocean, but afterwards there was an undeniable love for it. These gentle create just sparked the desire for me to see more of that!
  • Swim with manta rays
  • See a big tusker
  • Visit a falconer
  • Hold a bird on my hand ✔
  • Explore Borneo and see the Elephants & Sun bears
  • See gorillas in their natural habit
  • See lemurs in Madagascar
  • Wear a snake around my neck ✔
  • See a puffin
  • Visit Giraffe Manor in Kenya
  • See the goats in the tree in Morocco
  • Have a kangaroo baby jumping into a pillowcase I hold
Holding a bird on my hand was cool, yet I was afraid that this ruthless little thing would hurt me.
Riding on the beach is one of the most incredible experiences you can make, especially if this horse is your own and you love it with all your heart.
swimming with turtles
Swimming with turtles in Redang was one of the most special things I ever did. This gentle animals are just amazing dance partners!

Landscape And Nature Adventure Bucket List

  • Explore a cave ✔
  • Float in the Dead Sea ✔
  • Do a camping trip to the Lofoten
  • Climb a really high mountain
  • Hike to the Rainbow mountain in Peru
  • See cherry blossom in Japan
  • Take a shower underneath a real waterfall
  • Sleep underneath the stars
  • Touch a glacier
  • See glowing algae ✔ – It is a phenomenon that occurs in a few places around the world. The algae is sensitive to UV rays and during the day it “charges” and when it is dark it is fluorescent. I got to do a boat tour in Cambodia, where we headed out by night. We then had to jump in the deep black water and once in, you could see the glittering algae each time you move. It was such a special event, although jumping into the water is scary at first!
  • Visit all the continents
  • See the northern lights
  • Camp in the desert
  • Explore the Amazonas
  • See real lava on a volcano
  • Visit the Pantanal
  • Hike in a Scandinavian forest 
  • Hear an active geyser
  • See lavender blossom in the Provence, France – who doesn’t like to dream of the Provence? The heart of South France with its lavender fields that blossom early July, filling the air with the most intense lavender fragrance combined with charming French villages and breathtaking landscapes? Yes, this is something I want to see so bad.
  • Hike to Trolltunga
  • Visit the Galapagos
  • Swim in a Cenote
Floating in the dead sea
Floating in the Dead Sea will really float your boat…heheheh
Seeing wadi rum desert
There is no building mankind could ever build that is as fantastic as Wadi Rum desert

hiking a scandinavian forest
Hiking in Tyresta was the highlight of 2017 and I can’t recommend it enough!

Sight Bucket List

  • Visit the Australia Zoo – growing up, I would watch Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin each day. It broke my heart when he died and since then I forever dreamed of visiting Australia and especially the Australia Zoo!
  • See Machu Picchu
  • See the Louvre (from the inside)
  • Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
  • See the Acropolis
  • Stay in a bungalow above the water
  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Walk the Great Wall in China
  • Go on a helicopter ride somewhere special
  • See the sunrise in Angkor Wat
  • Visit Rome and see all the churches from the movie “Illuminati”
  • See the Niagara falls ✔
  • Be on top of the Eiffel tower ✔
  • Visit the Harry Potter studio ✔
  • See rice terraces
See the Acropolis

See a rice terrace

Activities And Event Bucket List

  • Go scuba diving
  • Learn how to surf
  • Go cliff jumping once more
  • Go biking in Copenhagen 
  • Become a mermaid for one day
  • New Years Eve in New York City
  • Do beer floating in Finland
  • Skydiving
  • Snorkelling between two continents in Iceland
  • Shoot with bow and arrow 
  • Celebrate Brazilian carnival
  • Fly with a seaplane
  • See the Holi festival in India
  • Go on a whale watching tour ✔
  • Ride a hot air balloon in Turkey
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Go on a sailing trip
  • Go ‘snowboarding’ on sand dunes in the desert ✔
  • Do an Interrail trip through eastern Europe
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Food And Drinks to Try!

  • Eat sushi in Japan
  • Eat authentic Skyr in Island
  • Hunt something, prepare and eat it
  • Eat Pizza in Naples – Did you know that pizza was invented in Naples? In my opinion, the real one and the only way to eat pizza is how they do it in Naples. Thin crust and topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella de Bufala!
  • Learn how to cook good Italian dishes
  • Drink a long drink out of a coconut ✔
  • Take a barista course.
  • Learn how to make the best Italian pizza -not only do I want to eat the best pizza in Naples, I also want to learn how to make the best Italian pizza myself. Preferably taught by a real Italian nonna!
  • Grow my own produce and eat it
  • Go on a Tapas tour in Spain ✔
  • Eat macarons from Maison LadurĂ©e in Paris ✔

The Little Things

  • Learn how to live more minimalistic
  • Go plastic-free for 30 days
  • Learn a third language
  • Name a star
  • Donate some of my hair to charity
  • Learn how to do a handstand
  • Get blue hair
  • Live abroad
  • Help to make the world a better place