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Pursuing my Bucket List: Riding my Pony at The Beach

Now I want to write about one point on my bucket list I could achieve some time ago. It was riding at the beach with my own pony. This was one of my childhood dreams and when it became true I was the happiest person on earth (and I am still happy about it.) Not only because it is every small girl’s dream to ride on the beach but because I proofed so many people wrong by doing it.

So to give you an insight why it was this special to me. My ponies name is Maddox and I got him when I was about twelve years old. He was five years old already traumatized by being forced into competitive sports and being beaten up when he didn’t achieve what he was supposed to achieve. Not a good way to start into life.

Overall the years I always had to fight for him. He couldn’t behave, he had several breakdowns and was quite dangerous for a twelve-year-old girl. He got sick, we were insecure. He got well again. And he was still very hard to handle. But I didn’t give up on him. I fought for him and put so much effort and hard work into it.

And I was rewarded. He is much calmer than before. He behaves well and is kind. I learned how to handle him when he gets nervous and scared. And nobody would believe how much we achieved.

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Time to Prove Them Wrong One More Time.

In 2015 we packed all our stuff and horses and drove all the way to a small German island called Norderney. It was the first time we were riding them on a beach and I never thought that my nervous and scared horse would be so nice and kind. But we were determined to make it work.

Being on the beach with your own horse is a beautiful and breathtaking experience. I have never felt so free and wild before than in this moment. There are no words to describe this feeling correctly but it is one of the best in the world.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Maddox and I wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. It means the world to me.

riding at the beach in Norderney

Where to Look if You Want to Ride at The Beach Too…

If riding at the beach is one of your dreams too, I can recommend Norderney as the place to experience it. Here you can find the website of the farm we visit on Norderney each year. They offer group rides along the beach for beginners or more advanced riders.

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Pursuing My Bucket List: Riding on the Beach - La Vie En Marine


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