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Pursuing My Bucket List: Living Abroad

Lately, I started to think about the things I want to do and I put them together to a fancy bucket list which you can find here!  One of the first things that came to my mind were living abroad.

So, for now, let me tell you about my latest achievement. This point was on my list for a long time and now I finally did it. I am talking about: living abroad (for the first time in my life).

My Malaysia Adventure

So in February 2018, it was my turn to hop on a plane and leave for a country, I have never seen before to live there for 4,5 months. And the plane brought me and my boyfriend to Kuala Lumpur.

This country didn’t welcome us very nice and I had a hard time to adjust to my new situation there. Food Poisoning, Tummy Ache, Home-Sickness, some cockroaches and other bugs and more troubles made it hard to feel comfortable in this new situation.

But I am more than glad to be able to say this changed soon. I grew comfortable with Malaysia and after some time I started to enjoy it to the fullest. And I am not very eager to leave again. I made friends I will terribly miss and that I am so glad I have met them. They made this special time just perfect.

Furthermore is Malaysia an incredibly underrated country. It has everything an adventurer can wish for and I hope to visit it in the future again. I experienced the most beautiful thing when I was swimming with turtles when visiting Pulau Redang. We visited a rainforest and had a night safari. And there is so much more to explore there.

I have been to 6 different countries at this time and I loved every single one. Each had amazing adventures for me. Most of them seem small to you but for me coming from a small town from the German countryside.

So to Get to The Point…

What I am trying to say is that I am so grateful for this experience and I am very excited to explore more and maybe to live abroad another time when I get the chance once again. I know I am more than privileged to be able to do so and I would never take this for granted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who made it possible for me to finally live outside from Germany for the first time in my life.

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Pursuing my Bucket List: Living Abroad - La Vie En Marine


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