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Seeing the Sunrise in Angkor Wat

Hey, my fellow adventurers! It is time that I could do another thing from my precious list. I got to see the sunrise in Angkor Wat!

I arrived in Siem Reap the day before and when I left the airport it was raining as if the world would end. It was a wild ride, sitting alone in a Tuk Tuk driving through the night, not able to see a thing! It was cold and I was very glad once I checked in at the Bliss Hotel.

I went to bed although it was a short night. At 4:30 my Tuk Tuk driver Lem was waiting for me to bring me to the temples so I could see the sunrise.

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First, we got to get a ticket which now is about 37$ for one day. It is quite expensive but you have to consider that these temples have to be kept safe and secure throughout the massive amount of tourists.

We went to the temples and Lem dropped me off at Angkor Wat where I got to see the sunrise. The sun drew amazing colors on the sky and it was way too beautiful to wrap my head around it. It is really something you should experience when you are in Cambodia!

As the sun went up I started to explore the temple and admire its beauty. It is a massive building with beautiful carvings on the walls. When you take your time to sit down on the stone, you almost feel as if the temple is telling you stories from the time when it was built. It just felt amazing. My advice here is to really take your time and enjoy it. There are a lot of people in there but you can always find some spots to take a rest.

I spent the next few hours discovering temple after temple and each of them is unique in its own way. But nevertheless, the sun and heat brought me down to my knees before I could finish my tour. I went home after 6 hours of walking, discovering, and climbing (those stairs are a serious challenge.)

So my Tips for You to Survive The Angkor Wat Tour:

  • go to bed early the day before
  • wear light colors so you don’t heat up too much
  • make sure to bring snacks
  • ask your driver if he provides water. My driver brought it for me but I am not sure if every driver is doing this!
  • have fun! Challenge your inner Lara Croft and feel like a conqueror! Climb, jump, imagine you are the first one to discover this place (you are not but with some imagination you are!)

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it and want to visit Angkor Wat now!

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