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Hello and welcome! Traveling Asia was one of the most amazing experiences that I got to have. I lived there for five months and was able to do so many amazing things and it has changed me in a way, that I never thought of. Now I want to share a collection of my favorite adventures, my Asia Bucket List,  with you! This list is not complete (and it will never be!) so it might be updated over time as soon as I discover new amazing experiences to share with you!

Asia Bucket List - Buddhas in Wat Pho

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Visit a Rice Terrace in Bali

The one thing that should be on your Bali Bucket List! There is almost no other place in the world where visiting a rice terrace is fancier! It is very interesting and we learned a lot about it. Of course, those of Bali is a bit overcrowded but nevertheless, it is an absolute highlight. Another pro tip of mine is to try fresh fruits there like the snake fruit (or Salak)! We really enjoyed sitting there for a while, snacking and having a look above the hills with the rice being cultivated there!

Asia Bucket List - Rice Terrace of Bali

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See The Sun Rise in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Well if you don’t know about Angkor Wat, then I can’t help you anymore. This ancient place is breathtaking and no one should visit Asia, without seeing it. And even if it is hard to pull yourself together, you should get up early to see the sunrise! Make sure to be the first one to get your entrance ticket, so you will see it from the front line!

Asia Bucket List - See the Sunrise in Angkor Wat

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Visit the Bund, Shanghai

There are some magnificent skylines in the world. One of them is definitely The Bund in Shanghai. For those who don’t know it is divided by a river and has two sides: one that has the most beautiful colonial buildings and the other side that is covered in modern buildings that are almost out of this world. Make sure to visit the Bund two times; by day and by night. Don’t miss this, please!

Beautiful Art Deco Houses at the Bund
Beaming Bund, Shanghai - Asia Bucket List

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Visit the Oldest Tea House in China

Once you are in this particular area take a short walk and go to the Yu Yuan area. This place is simply amazing and holds the oldest tea house in China! If you want to take pictures there, be sure to arrive early, as it is usually super packed.

Hong Kong

 Ride The Star Ferry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of superlatives. Its skyscrapers reach so high into the sky that you will have to risk a rigid neck looking upon them. But one of the best attractions is a ride with the star-ferry to Mainland China. Bring a hat, it tends to get sunny there!

Asia Bucket List - Riding the Star Ferry in Hong Kong


Have a drink Next to The Petronas Towers

Well, I am spoiled by having seen some of the most impressive rooftop bars in the entire world I could say. But no matter how many of them I will visit, my absolute highlight is the Marini’s where you basically sit directly next to the Petronas Towers. Sounds breathtaking? It is my friend, it really is.

Asia Bucket List - Petronas Towers

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Swim With a Turtle in Malaysia

One of the most amazing things that I did in Asia was swimming with a turtle. These gentle animals are amazing and wonderful. The island where I got close to them is called Pulau Redang and is a paradise itself. Swimming with turtles just completed this whole island experience and up to this day I am so so grateful that I could share this moment.

Asia Bucket List - Swimming With Turtles

Hike The World’s Oldest Jungle

During my time abroad I got the chance to hike two incredible tropical jungles and both times it was absolutely amazing and something I would always do again! The first time was when I was hiking on Koh Rong Sanloem in Cambodia which was very hard and kinda scary, I went for another one just a week later in Taman Negara, the oldest rainforest in the world, which was very jungle-beginner friendly!

Girl walking on the Canopy Tree Top Walk in Taman Negara, Malaysia


Have a Drink on Top of The Marina Bay Sands

For many people, Singapore is the first stop on their way to South East Asia. I really love this country and enjoyed every second there! For tourists, there are plenty of things to do there and nobody will end up being bored. But the one thing that stands out the most is the cities symbol: the Marina Bay Sands. And therefore it was one of my favourite experiences is to have a drink on top of the Marina Bay Sands. The bar that is located there is called Cé La Vi and is open for anyone to spare 20 bucks. This is not anything but it is worth doing it once in a lifetime.

girl standing on the helix bridge

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Have The Best Satay on The Entire World

Did you know that Singapore is one of the few places where street satay is honored with Michelin stars. And of course, you have to try one of those. If you are not one of those who are into meat, try the veggie edition. Broccoli and bell pepper are just as delicious as those of prawn or chicken!

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Visit The Temples of Bangkok

Thailand is a beautiful country and in my opinion, offers some of the most beautiful temples. And luckily some of those temples are quite close to each other! Located in Bangkok, Wat Pho and Wat Arun are Some of the best places in Thailand. And trust me, it is a must to have them on your Asia Bucket List!

Wat Pho is a giant area with many colorful buildings, one of them the temple of reclining buddha. It will take your breath away. Another extra tip is to visit the massage school of the temple to get a wonderful massage by ongoing massage therapists! 

Beautiful Wat Pho, Asia Bucket List - La Vie En Marine
Asia Bucket List - Temple of Reclining Buddha

The other temple I recommend is Wat Arun. The temple of the Dawn is so beautiful, it will take your breath away! It is so white and shiny and when it is windy, small bells will ring all the time. It is such a peaceful and serene place I could have spent hours there!

Asia Bucket List - War Arun Bangkok


See The Beauty of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The Ha Long Bay is legendary. It is a UNESCO world heritage and one of Vietnam‘s highlights! In my opinion, you should either book a two day, one night cruise or simply settle for a whole day cruise. We went for a whole day and had an amazing time that included kayaking, discovering a cave and buying fruit from a floating market. Such a wonderful experience!

Asia Bucket List - Beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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And that’s it! Did you like this post? What did you experience that is on it already? What should be on the perfect Asia Bucket List in your opinion? Please let me know in the comments!

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  • madhu sharma

    That’s a great checklist..I have been to some of these places..still have to discover many. Thanks for sharing

  • Yara

    Such a cool list! The only Asian country I’ve been to is Vietnam but I’m excited to visit Malaysia and Indonesia in the future. Your photos of the oldest jungle are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

  • Josy A

    I would really like to travel more in South East Asia. I love the mix of amazing temples, stunning lush greenery and fantastic food!

    I didn’t know satay could be Michelin starred in Singapore! We did have amaaazing satay there, but I don’t think it was posh enough for the stars…I guess we’ll have to go back. 🙂

    I lived in Asia for years, but I still didn’t make it to Angkor Wat. I hope I can go at some point!!

  • alison abbott

    I love Asia, but still have not been to many of the spots on your bucket list. Exciting group of destinations to be dreaming about. I think I’d put Cambodia and Viet Nam at the top of mine.

  • Cecilie

    This really takes me back! I think some of my best memories in Asia was made while riding a scooter or hiking a mountain or swimming with turtles (I saw some in Indonesia). I love this list, I have already “ticked” some off but I still have a lot to explore in Asia. Wow I feel so nostalgic! Thank you Paula 🙂

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