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Swimming With Turtles in Redang, Malaysia

Hey guys! Glad that you are here again! Let me tell you more about the most amazing day ever. It was the day I was swimming with turtles in Redang, Malaysia

At the beginning of May, I visited a small Malaysian island named Pulau Redang. It is the most amazing tropical getaway you can imagine. The sand is white and the water is turquoise and crystal clear. If you think about the perfect beach, this is what should come to your mind.

Now I as know that Malaysia is home to a lot of turtles (one turtle is even on the 20RM note) I knew I would get the chance to see some when visiting the coastal region. And I did!

On the first two days of our journey, I mostly saw only fish. The only exception was a small crab who seemed to be a bit lost being at the beach. Even though one of the fish I was able to see was clownfish (Nemo!) I still wanted to see more!

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So on our last day in paradise, I decided to charter a boat so I could see some wildlife. Our guide packed some squids and fish and off we were.

When we arrived at the turtle bay, I couldn’t wait to be in the water. I jumped right in and our guide followed me, with some squid. It didn’t take long and the first turtle appeared. It was a few meters away and I was already in awe, how close they came to us. Little did I know that they would come a lot closer soon.

A few moments later the next turtle approached us and got her squid. We could pet and play with it and it was just lovely. I didn’t know that turtles are so friendly and cute but they seem to really enjoy the interaction with the tourists.

When I got more confident with them I even started to feed them myself and so the turtles became very attracted to me and wanted to be pet even more which was fantastic for me.

I really have to say that this was the best day of our Malaysia adventure so far and I can not help but smile when I think back on this! Thank you Aboat Time that you helped to make this possible! If you are going to visit Redang, check them out and ask for visiting turtle bay!


  • Agnes

    We’ve been swimming with rays, but they certainly weren’t this friendly. What a beautiful experience!

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