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Top Things to Do in Cebu

Hello there! If you are looking for the perfect activities to do when traveling to Cebu, the Philippines, you don’t have to look any further! In this list of the top things to do in Cebu, you will find the coolest activities and places sum up together, guiding you on how to have the most amazing time in this tropical paradise that is Cebu.

Top Things to do in Cebu - La Vie En Marine

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Moalboal Sardine Run & Turtle Swim 

One of the most breathtaking experiences, one can engage in under the sea is to immerse oneself in a swarm of shiny tiny fish, also known as the sardine run! In Moalboal, on the Western end of the island, you will find a wide reef that quickly descends into the depths of the ocean. Right there you can experience the sardines swimming in swarms all year round. It is incredibly breathtaking.

Sardine Run in Moalboal - Things to do in Cebu
Turtle in Moalboal - Things to do in Cebu

In addition to the Sardine run, the Moalboal Reef is also a popular spot among turtles. So keep your eyes open for a wildlife encounter you will never forget!

Helpful Tips & Information

  • To protect the reef, please refrain from using sunscreen before entering the water, or use those that are reef safe. The best sun screen to use here is a light shirt.
  • When snorkeling, you will be holding onto a lifebuoy and are pulled by your instructor. They will make sure that you get the best experience. They will also film you underneath the water if provided with a GoPro. One hint they will give you is not to set foot on the reef and only float above it.
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Oslob Whale Shark Swimming

One of the most mesmerizing creatures that live under the sea is the whale shark. In Oslob, Cebu you can snorkel with a group of domesticated whale sharks and while it sounds perfect on paper, the activity itself sparked quite a controversy online. To ensure an interaction with these beautiful creatures, they get fed. Unfortunately, that seems to have an impact on their migration pattern. I tried snorkeling with the whale sharks and while I was baffled with how many people seek this experience, I still found the interaction to be very magical. We were not allowed to touch the animals and were always told to keep our distance. Furthermore, you also get only a short period during the day when the whale sharks are fed before they leave the snorkeling ground again. So I want to encourage you to make up your mind before swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob.

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Kawasan Canyoneering

This one is not the activity for the couch potatoes! Explore the beautiful Kawasan Falls up and close by hiking through the canyon, the water has been carved into the stones for ages. Equipped with a helmet and life jacket you will jump off cliffs, swim through caves, and float your way down to the valley. Sadly, I had a cold and couldn’t participate. However, at least I got to take a little dip in the lowest of the waterfalls.

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Cebu Travel Review

Sirao Gardens

Imagine the most beautiful, colorful place in the world, filled with flowers and a gorgeous view of a lush valley. That place can be found in Cebu and it is called the Sirao Garden. Although it does feel a little like a tourist trap, I genuinely enjoyed being there because of all the colors and vibrant atmosphere. It is also the perfect place to get all your vacation pictures done!

Helpful Information:

  • Because of the heat, you need to stay hydrated.
  • To get into the gardens you will have to pay an entry fee of 70 Philippine pesos.
  • If you want to use the toilet, make sure to bring tissues. Because they will charge you extra for both the toilets and the paper.
Top Things to do in Cebu - La Vie En Marine

Sumalion Sandbank

When researching for your trip to the Phillippines, you will stumble upon pictures of some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. And to be quite fair, not many of them are in Cebu (or I missed them big time!). But one of those special places is the Sumalion Sandbank. Located close to Oslob, it is only a short boat ride from the shore to reach the sandbank. It is located on a tiny island and the perfect place to spend a few hours at the beach tanning or snorkeling in the water. 

Sumalion Sandbank - Things to do in Cebu

Diving Course 

Again, most of the wonderful sights of Cebu happen under the surface of the water, not above them. That’s why you should spend as much under the sea as possible! If you don’t already own a Scuba Diving license, Cebu City happens to be the place where you can get one incredibly cheap. You can of course also do it in Oslob, but there it will be more expensive. Unfortunately for me, the same cold that kept me from doing the Canyoneering also had my ears blocked. And that sadly meant I couldn’t participate in the course but here is how my boyfriend would describe the experience firsthand: “incredible experience, it made me want to go diving again!”

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Top Things to do in Cebu - La Vie En Marine

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