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Pursuing my Bucket List: See the Niagara Falls

This wonderful achievement happened some time ago (five years to be honest and wow time flies). I and my mother flew to Toronto for a short time of 72 hours. This is not a long time to explore a wonderful city like Toronto but we enjoyed it to the fullest. One day we rented a car with one of her co-workers and her family to drive to Niagara Falls.

The drive is not that long and we had a wonderful time chatting and snacking caramelized popcorn. The falls themselves are very impressive. The pure force of the water rushing down the edge is overwhelming. You would not expect it but it is so loud! We spend a lot of time admiring the beauty of this place before heading to a wonderful small town, which name I forgot by now.

There are some amazing tips for visiting the Niagara Falls, yet the most important one for me it to enjoy it! Be present and inhale the scenery for a moment! It will make a lasting impression that you will never forget again!

Thank you, Mama, for making it possible for me to experience this amazing place! It was a blast!

If you want to read more about my bucket list adventures check out the time I swam with turtles! 

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  • Biggi

    Always wonderful to spend time with you ❤️

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