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Roadtrip in North Wales [Pt. 3]

Guys! Are you ready for the final part of our road trip? It is happening!

Let’s continue our story right away so we get to some of the best parts of our journey.

After finishing our hike on the Pembrokeshire Coast path we drove off to Cardigan where we took a short walk and had a nice hamburger.

Wishbone Cardigan

As usual, we had to watch out for a campsite again which was a challenge this time. My boyfriend was getting really nervous as it took us four tries to find one where we could sleep. And actually, this one was quite nice too.

We left early as we planned to do a lot of things the next morning. First, we visited Llangranog beach and had our breakfast.

After staying around the beach for some time we had some coffee and hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was so nice and we were really happy to have seen this spot.

Being sick of only seeing lonely beaches and small villages we were looking forward to visiting Aberystwyth and to have a small shopping trip. We also had some very nice lunch at their best-rated pizzeria where Luca had a pizza and I had a nacho-pizza which was quite delicious.

As it was getting darker and darker already, we started looking for a place to sleep and after a while, we found a campsite where we would stay in our budget. The toilets were a actual torture but it was bearable because of the price.

The next day was….my birthday (yaaaaay!). We seized the day to drive through the absolutely stunning Snowdonia national park! It was as if we stepped straight into a fairytale. I will insert many pictures so you can imagine it. If you ever have the chance to visit Snowdonia don’t hesitate as it is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.


Snowdonia National park

After we arrived at Boets y Cowden and having lunch there, we were allowed to stay at the parking ground of the Shallow Falls Hotel where we could use the facilities of their (tents only) campsite. Then we also visited Shallow Falls which was truly amazing but they will charge you for seeing it. But it is worth paying the money to keep this place tidy and secure.

Shallow Falls

The next day we had the leftovers from my birthday cake and drove off to visit the Fairy Glen George. Furthermore, we swore that we would not make another night in the car as we were really frustrated by having not enough space for everything and not having adequate toilets. (And we did it.)

Fairy Glen was a really magical place and it is definitely worth a visit even though you have to pay for it. But I would definitely recommend a waterproof case for your mobile phone as I dropped mine and it nearly fell into a puddle.

Unsure about what to do next we decided to shorten our plan and to drive directly to Ynys Llandwyn. First, we planned to spend the day in Snowdonia and visit the north shore afterwards. But as we couldn’t stand one more night in our car we just drove off.

On our way to Ynys Llandwyn, we also came across the town with the second longest name in the world and had our lunch there.

Concerning Ynys Landwyn I have to admit that I was not happy to go there at first. I had planned to stay in South Wales and to visit Skomer Island but in order to visit Snowdonia and Ynys Landwyn, we decided to skip it. Later on, I think that this lighthouse was the trip’s highlight.

To reach the peninsula you have to walk across a beach which is so wonderful that words can not describe it.  Then you walk into dunes to see this stunning landscape. I think it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

After enjoying it for a while we returned to our car thinking about what we could do next. We thought we would visit Mount Snowdon but it was predicted that it would rain the whole day. So we decided to have some caffeine in Conwy and to drive through the night to Brighton. We hadn’t planned it at first but being spontaneous is one of a road trip’s advantages.

Therefore we had the nicest day doing shopping in Brighton! I purchased a lot of cool stuff and were really happy to be there.

But we did one big mistake.  We booked a room in a youth hostel a day earlier, instead of looking for a campsite. To be clear I like hostels in particular. I like to go camping and I like hotels. I don’t care about where I sleep as long as it is tidy and clean. This hostel was a manifest of my worst nightmares.

First of all, it was said that parking is possible and that WIFI is available. It was not. Neither the wifi nor the parking lot. But this is not the nightmare. The hostel was very dirty itself. Every floor smelled like a different type of cheese and there was a strange substance in our shower. Stepping into the room I just disinfected everything. The breakfast was not bearable for us. Instead, we just left as fast as we could. So if you are looking for hotels in Brighton be aware of Smart Sea View Hostel.

After all, we were very happy to return to Dover and taking the ferry the next night as we were looking forward to our own beds and showers but all in all I can totally recommend a vacation in Wales! Especially camping is very easy there and you are able to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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