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The 10 Best Off The Beaten Path Destinations

Traveling got me to see a few places that were eye opening! However a lot of these places were quite occupied by some form of mass tourism and it was sad to see how communities are struggling to keep up with so many visitors that they can’t really provide the infrastructure for. It was therefore even nicer to see some incredible off the beaten path destination. It is puzzling me how these places are not getting the attention they deserve and that’s why I dedicated these blogpost to it! So here’s to the 10 Off The Beaten Path Destinations you never heard of but that you need to know!

Redang, Malaysia

When I first travelled Malaysia, Redang was a place that I had never heard of before. I knew about Langkawi and the Perhentian Islands but Redang was for sure not on my radar. In fact my coworkers told me about it and that’s why I decided to go there. I met very few tourists and most of the time we had the remote beach for our own. These really felt like a off the beaten path destination!

We could easily rent a boat for the day which enabled us to explore to waters surrounding the islands and get close to its marine life. Combined with the sheer beauty of Redang, it gets to be one of my favorite remote destinations of all time. It was easy to book the boat from the reception of the Sari Pacifica!

Floating in Redang Malaysia
Doesn’t this look like the perfect off the beaten Path place?

Sigulda, Latvia

One of the things I love to do is to hike and be surrounded by as much nature as I can find. When I was in Latvia, I was dedicated to get to one of its forest and I was clearly not disappointed. The day we were there we hiked for solid 25 km and had one of the best times ever. We saw so many things and were granted breathtaking views around every corner. If you are looking for something off the grid regarding hiking, make sure to make a trip to Riga and from there to Sigulda.

sigulda latvia

Capdepera, Mallorca

Mallorca could be called my second home, I have been there so many times. I got to know the island a little bit but each time I go there I discover something new that I fall in love with. Last summer when I was on the hunt on how to explore Mallorca, I first got in touch with the lovely town Capdepera on the island‘s west.

Capdepera is a lovely small mediterran town that comes with many small restaurants and boutique’s. If you also have the time, explore some of the gorgeous surrounding beaches, for example the wonderful Cala Mesquida!

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Ynys Llandwyn, Northern Wales

I am not exaggerating but Northern Wales has some of the most breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen. The one place that I experienced as the most precious one was Ynys Llandwyn. To get there you will first have to walk an endless wonderful beach which for sunny days is a lovely little hike.

It is quite obviously what you are walking to, but to be clear it is the small peninsula at the beach’s end. On that said peninsula there is this wonderful small lighthouse that is the most photogenic one I have ever seen.

Ynys Llandwyn Wales

The German Seaside

Not everyone know but Germany actually has a coastline that comes with some awesome islands. My favorite ones are Norderney & Sylt. These islands are so beautiful with the cutest small towns and dunes. You can have endless walks on the beach and offers you amazing adventures like learn how to surf!

One thing that is typical for Northern Germany is to have “Matjes Brötchen” which is basically a bun with a soused herring on it and let me tell you, it is the most delicious thing in the world to have one while looking at the ocean.

Sylt Germany

Howth, Ireland

If you ever get to spend some time in Dublin, make sure to do a day trip to Howth. In Howth you will find a small market, a lovely little harbor and most importantly a lovely cliff walk, from where you might even see dolphins from the shore. It is simply breathtaking standing on top of that cliff, breath in the fresh air and adore the magnificent view!

Funny side story: A week after I went to Howth one of my best friends went there as well and she did the cliff walk and actually saw dolphins passing the coast!

Howth Ireland Off the Beaten Path Destination

Miramar, Portugal

Have you ever saw a church on a beach? I didn’t but this changed when I heard about Miramar, Portugal! This beautiful beach must be one of the top beaches in Europe. I visited it in late summer but it must be the most wonderful place during summer.

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Miramar Portugal

Tyresta, Sweden

Every now and then I just love to get a good escape to nature and hiking in Tyresta was like paradise. Me and my boyfriend went there on the first of January 2017 and there could be no better way to start a new year than hiking and breathing in the fresh air of a hundred year old forest!

Tyresta Sweden

Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia

Experts in traveling Cambodia will be like “why do you think Koh Rong Sanloem is off the beaten path?” and I know I know, I get you. But actually there is more to this tiny island than what you see from its pier. Because it actually has a far off remote backside. It could even be the most off the beaten path destination on this list. When I attempted to get there I had to hike a rainforest for over an hour. Oh and when I started a nice sky told me to “take care of the snakes” Super scary but once I arrived at the hotel I was in love. I stayed in the Robinsons Bungalows and played in the ocean all afternoon. Although it scared me a lot it was one of the most incredible days ever.

Koh Rong Sanloem Beach

Malcesine, Italy

Italy is one of the most wonderful destinations in the entire world and one could barely think how there can still be places that are off the beaten path. But one of these areas is located in the Northern end of Lago di Garda. Malcesine is a small town that comes with a beautiful lake side.

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Malcesine of Lago di Garda

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The 10 Best Off The Beaten Path Destinations - La Vie En Marine


  • You’ve covered so many areas of the world in this post – it’s fantastic!
    I had a similar experience in Koh Rong Sanloem when I hiked through jungle whilst being absolutely terrified of coming across snakes! But it was totally worth it to reach the beach on the other side and there was nobody else there! Definitely off the beaten path.
    I’m hoping to visit Dublin in the future, so thanks for the tip on the day trip to Howth, it looks lovely 🙂

  • Emma

    Oh wow, so many beautiful places on this list it’s hard to know where I want to go first! But I especially like the sound of Redang and Koh Rong Sanloem, I love island holidays and these sound like the perfect spots to get away from the tourist masses! This has given me so many ideas – going to save it to give me inspiration for my next trip!

  • Megan

    I haven’t been to any of these. I think I’d love to see the coast of Germany. Beautiful blog post! Pinned for later 🙂

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