The Ultimate Mallorca Bucket List

There are hardly any places that I love as much as Mallorca. I went there every year since I was a baby and before I was born, my parents went there when they were kids too. Traveling there often made me some kind of an expert and right now I want to pass you my personal Mallorca Bucket List. Have fun reading and prepare to be hit by all the Fernweh! 

Mallorca Bucket List by La Vie En Marine

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Roadtrip Traumuntana

Let’s start with the one thing that I do each and every year when I am in Mallorca. The Serra de Tramuntana is certified World Heritage and has some of the most incredible views to offer to you. The mountains are just stunning and will take your breath away every single time you drive past another serpentine. 

If you are planning a route through the mountains of Mallorca, make sure to see Valldemossa, Port de Sollér, and both Lakes. 

Marktet in Santanyí 

I mentioned it before but I am in love with the market of Santanyí. The market that takes place on the narrow roads of this beautiful town is something for everyone. No matter if you are looking for the vegetables for your next dinner or for a brand new bikini or a new handwoven basket: you will find just anything that you didn’t know you dreamed of! 

Mercado de Santanyí - La Vie En Marine

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Visit the Cap de Formentor for Sunset 

The Cap de Formentor is the most Northern point of Mallorca and one of the most magnificent I can imagine. There is only one road leading to the end of the peninsula, ending at the Cap’s Lighthouse. The scenery is so rough with steep cliffs and roaring surf underneath the Cap. Its position also makes it the most perfect place to see a wonderful sunset. We arrived there on time for golden hour and stayed almost two hours until the sun dropped into the ocean in the end. 

Cap de Formentor - Cliffs at Sunset

You can easily park your car there and explore the area a bit until the sunset starts. There is a nice spot for taking pictures just a little down the road, you just have to be careful when walking on the street. My tip for photographers is to bring a lense with which you can zoom a little in to bring the lighthouse closer to you. 

Shopping in Palma 

Palma de Mallorca is one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Why? Because it is one of those cities that didn’t get swallowed by those huge fashion brands. Of course, you will find H&M and other fellows there but if you are willing to walk just one street further than the Rambla, you will find the most amazing small boutiques filled with unique clothing and accessories. 

See Incredible Rock Formation in the Island’s South!

Similar to incredible Portugal, Mallorca can show off with incredible rock formations and beautiful cliffs, mostly on the island’s southeast & south side. One of them can be found close to Cala Sa Nau.

Incredible Beaches on the Island’s East

It amazes me to discover corners of this island that I didn’t know existed yet. For those who don’t know, I traveled to Mallorca with my parents since I was only 1,5 years old and I still find places on the island that I haven’t been to yet. This summer the one place that swept me off my feet the most was a beach on the island’s west called Cala Mesquida.

This wonderful place comes with the prettiest ocean view I had seen in a while. Being there was one of the major highlights of my summer 2019. As it also comes with one of the best beach bars, I have ever been to! You will love it there and I hope that you will think about me when you will have these delicious garlic gambas. 

One Week Mallorca Itinerary for First Timers

See The Sun Rise in The Island’s South East  

I admit it. The town called Cala Murada is not the prettiest or picturesque there is. But I have been there with my parents for all of my life. When I stand there on the pier I do not only feel at home but also complete. 

And therefore it is easy for me to name the best sunrise spot on the whole island. Right there, where I belong, you can stand to witness one of the most breathtaking sunrises you will ever see. 

But the spot isn’t only perfect for sunrises but also for sunsets. Look at this perfect shot that I got this winter on the last day of our winter holiday.

Hike The Sant Salvador

Besides Cala Murada, the area between Porto Colom and Felanitx is the one where I spent the most time when being on Mallorca. This perfect little piece of landscape is filled with almond trees, the scent of pine cones, and the bleh-ing of sheep that are living on the landlord’s yards. 

Each year we would get a Finca where we could either look at the mountain called „Santueri“ or the „Sant Salvador“ which you can also climb. It is a beautiful hike with some breathtaking views. And if you dare to close your eyes for a moment, inhale the fresh air. Trust me, you didn’t feel that alive in a long time.

Up there you will find a church that also comes with a small café for you to take a small rest. Have a Café con leche or a Café Cortado and be happy to be alive.

See One of The Clearest Skies There Could be (And in August Watch The Shooting Stars) 

My auntie just recently said that the sky on Mallorca is the clearest one she has ever witnessed and that not even the sky in South Africa would come close to it. I am not quite sure how to feel about it, as it would mean that I am spoiled forever. The night sky on Mallorca is so clear that you can see all the stars. 

If you are in Mallorca during August, it is almost obligatory to grab some pillows and lay down outside, and watch the sky as it is the month where you can almost be certain about seeing at least a dozen shooting stars. Make sure to wish upon it. 

Stay in a Finca

Did you know that malloriquín farmhouses are called Fincas? Not many farmers still live there full-time but rent them out to tourists. When I was a kid, my family rented the same one year after year and it became a house and a home for me. A vacation on a Finca like Finca Son Jorbo will have you recharge your batteries and energy. The silence that comes with staying so far off big streets, only hearing sheep blerghing is so calming for the mind. Slowing down like this always helps me focus on what’s important again and I can recommend this to everyone who feels a little worn or burned out at the moment. 

5 Reasons for a Finca Vacation on Mallorca

girl in a blue dreamy dress twirls in front of a terra cotta colored wall with pink flowers

The Food To Dos

Ok, I have run out of experiences for now. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing more to discover in Mallorca. As it belongs to Spain, it is also a culinary Eldorado for every foodie on earth. Besides the classical tapas, Mediterranean cuisine, and fresh fish (ohh all the fresh fish) the Mallorquín came up with some extraordinary specialties that you need to try! 


Starting with a classíco that you can’t really unsee on Mallorca. Pamboli is a sort of sandwich but very unique in the way that the ingredients are chosen. It starts with a special pan de cristál and is covered in olive oil and a tomato paste. Then it is either left blanc or covered with Jamón de Iberíco or Queso de Mahon, a special Mallorquin cheese. Served with some olives it is just the perfect simple meal that once again proves, that simpleness is key. 

Pamboli Mallorquin

The Very Best Restaurants in Mallorca


As kids, my brother and I would be crazy for Ensaimadas. The sweet pastry from Mallorca is some kind of puff pastry, covered in powdery sugar and sometimes even filled with vanilla pudding. Doesn’t sound this to die for?


Hold onto your guts, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted. But it is a Mallorquín specialty and therefore I need to mention and you need to try it. The Butifarón is a blood sausage that looks like someone forgot a regular sausage in the flames of a BBQ and left it there for solid two hours. Definitely not something that you would like to try. 

But with some pan de cristál, fresh tomato, salt, and pepper this sausage suddenly turns into a delicatessé! Try it and you won’t be disappointed! 


Ready for one last tip? I promise you, this one is an easy one. Tumbet is Mallorquin vegetables and is serves with a sunny side egg on it. In my family, we even had it on Christmas Eve. The vegetables are cooked in a sugo of tomato sauce and nothing tastes as Mediterranean as this dish. Simply delicious and none should miss it when on Mallorca! 

And it is a wrap! There are my tips on what to do in Mallorca. I hope you liked this post and it helped you to plan your next holiday. If I forgot something that I really need to experience on Mallorca, let me know in the comments! 

The Ultimate Mallorca Bucket List

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