Cap de Formentor Mallorca

How to Road Trip the Serra de Tramuntana 

Hello there! Are you looking for a guide to the beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana? Then you have come to the right place because I will tell you how to road trip the Serra de Tramuntana. The mountain range in the north of Mallorca is a UNESCO world heritage for a reason and it is the best destination for anyone who is looking for an eye-widening experience during their vacation. In this post, I will list all of the highlights of the Serra de Tramuntana and which places you should not miss here! I will also list some additional tips and information crucial to maximizing your route and time! 

Cap de Formentor Mallorca

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FAQ about Road Trips in the Serra de Tramuntana

How much time should I plan when visiting the Serra de Tramuntana? 

One thing that comes with taking a drive in the Serra de Tramuntana is that no matter how much time you take there, you will never run out of things to do in the Serra de Tramuntana. I have been there so many times and have not yet run out of places that I want to see. If you are coming to Mallorca for the first time, my recommendation is to spend at least two days seeing as much as you can.

When should I go to the Serra de Tramuntana? 

The best time to go on a road trip in the Serra de Tramuntana is always during the off-season. From June – September most of the places on this list will be very crowded. And even for seasoned drivers, navigating the narrow winding streets can be a challenge when faced with heavy traffic.


You may already heard about the beautiful quaint towns of Deía and Valldemossa, however, one that might not be on your radar already is Banyalbufar. The lovely small town is the perfect place for a small stroll in the narrow charming streets. If you are craving lunch the restaurant I cafè Bellavista has amazing options and a breathtaking view. There is also a cute beach, but you can only get there by foot. As there is no parking lot, you will have to walk to steep street down and up again. 

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Valldemossa is without a doubt THE beautiful mountain town one has to visit when going for a drive in the Serra de Tramuntana. It is the perfect place that belongs on everyone’s Mallorca itinerary. For the history geeks reading this the monastery in the town was once home to Chopin and his wife George Sand and is now a museum. Besides the museum, I love to walk the streets of Valldemossa to roam the small boutiques and shops. There is also a great viewpoint, from where you can see the valley and numerous great places for a coffee cortado and breakfast! 

Helpful Tips:

  • Parking in Valldemossa might be a pain in know where. Parking lots are sparse and quite full. Don’t panic here, be patient, and don’t be afraid to walk a few steps.

Cala Deía

The little beach of Cala Deía charmed so many people already that it can’t be classified as a hidden gem of Mallorca anymore. I love the Cala for its crystal clear water and wonderful scenery, despite its rocky and uncomfortable beach. The real star of the show, however, is the wonderful restaurant in the Serra de Tramuntana, which is often visited by stars and celebrities. It is the perfect place to enjoy seafood (their chaperones are to die for!) while looking at the beautiful waters and observing some boats and yachts. 

Clear Waters of Cala Deía - Serra de Tramuntana

Helpful Tips: 

  • Please do yourself a favor and don’t visit Cala Deía during the summer months. 
  • Parking here is very limited and parking further away will have you walk a very steep street downhill to the beach, which you have to get up again when you want to leave.

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Sóller & Port de Sóller 

One of the most iconic towns of the Serra de Tramuntana is Sóller. It is famous for being surrounded by various fields of orange trees and when visiting, you need to have a fresh zumo de naranja (orange juice). It is also the home of the iconic orange train, which connects Sóller and its Port. Taking a ride with it is for sure a must-do when going on a road trip in the Serra de Tramuntana. 

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The Scenic Drive Between the Embassament de Cúber & Gorg Blau

I hope you got your snacks with you because after Port de Sollér, the longest parts of the route wait for you. This winding road leading through the mountains will grant you some of the most incredible views above the ocean and the valleys of Tramuntana.

The one thing that you should be very careful about is that there are a lot of sheep, goats, and donkeys roaming free and that they can appear just behind every turn there. Drive slowly and don’t take those turns too fast. You should drive until you get to the two big lakes of the area the Embassament de Cúber and the Gorg Blau. We decided to have a walk on the first one and were baffled away by the beautiful nature there. Truly incredible.

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Viewpoint Embassament de Cúber

Once you reach the first lake, stop at one of the parking lots. Take good care as they are super bumpy and uneven and you don’t want to ruin your rental car. Once you park your car, walk down to the lake and admire the wonderful view!

Mirador des Gorg Blau

Did you know that the Gorg Blau is the island’s biggest reservoir of drinking water? It is used to provide water for Palma. There is a parking lot, from where you can perfectly look upon the lake and take some pictures. Now maybe this could be random but each time we were at this spot, we see sheep and goats and sometimes they even had newborns with them!

Gorg Blau Serra de Tramuntana
Gorg Blau is such a beautiful place!
Serra De Tramuntana, Gorg Blau - La Vie En Marine

Mirador Coll de Reis

There is surely no abundance of narrow winding streets in the Serra de Tramontana but at the Mirador Coll de Reis, it is taken to the point, that the road goes in a ribbon and it is the perfect place for a short stop to take in the mountain scenery. 

Sa Calobra

When following the road of the Mirador Coll de Reis downhill, you will reach the Sa Calobra. This beach is also one of the more famous places on the island. That’s because of the canyon that is attached to it! The Torrent de Pareis makes for a wonderful hiking route, which is best to be done during the dry period and not alone. It was created by the continuous stream of water that ends in the Sa Calobra. The breathtaking stone formations that were shaped by water make it a place worth seeing! 

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Santuari de Lluc

In LLuc you can find a monastery and museum and I think it is the most serene and peaceful place in the Serra de Tramuntana. Make sure to add a stop here on your road trip in the Serra de Tramuntana!

Mirador de El Colomer

On your way to the western end of Mallorca, you will find these breathtaking cliffs, that are most beautiful during the golden hour, and my favorite place to see them in their full beauty is the Mirador de El Colomer. 

Port de Pollença

I am in love with small villages on the ocean side. Port de Pollenca has a wonderful promenade, perfect for a little stroll with beautiful small shops and restaurants. With its lovely beach and vibrant atmosphere it is the perfect place for a small stop on a road trip in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Cap de Formentor

One of the most breathtaking places on the entire island is one of the most incredible sunset spots. The Cap de Formentor is the northernmost point of the island. A small lighthouse sits on the very end of the windy road that leads through it. From there you can see the most magnificent sunset and amazing scenery. 

Cap de Formentor Mallorca

Helpful Tips: 

  • I mentioned it before but don’t visit the Cap de Formentor during peak season. Due to all the visitors during the summer months, the locals had to limit vehicle access. You will only be able to get there by bus.
  • The last time my brother went to the Cap de Formentor, he was able to see dolphins in the ocean. So have a look out and maybe you will be rewarded with a beautiful animal sighting. 

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How to Roadtrip the Serra de Tramuntana - La Vie En Marine

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