One Week Mallorca Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

Hello and welcome! Traveling to Mallorca is something that I have done many times in my life. It is the place where my parents met and fell in love and therefore I have been there more times than I can count. I guess that kinda makes me an expert on how to explore Mallorca and if you are visiting Mallorca for the first time, this Mallorca Itinerary is exactly what you need! It will help you to plan your first trip to Mallorca and get you your optimal mallorquín vacation! 

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How Many Days Should I Travel to Mallorca?

This itinerary covers the most wonderful places that you can find in Mallorca and to see them all, you will need at least a week. If you have less time, I would suggest you stay a day in Palma and then either pick a nice Finca close to Valldemossa to explore the Serra de Tramuntana or one that is closer to Santanyí or Felanitxt o to explore the Southern half of Mallorca. This way you will be able to fully enjoy one area, without the rush of trying to squeeze it all in.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Mallorca?

If there is one thing, you don’t want to do when traveling to Mallorca for the very first time, is to visit it during the peak season (June, July, and August). During these months the island will be flooded with tourists from all over the world, who seek to do the very same thing as you – go on vacation. So during these months, even the simplest things like visiting nice beaches or going to the markets will become so much less enjoyable, because of people being around you all the time. And we don’t like that. The best time to visit Mallorca is either from April to May or from November to February. The winter in Mallorca is known to locals as the „Verano pequeno“, the small summer and you will be able to explore the island, wearing shirts and so few other tourists.

What to Pack for a Trip to Mallorca? 

What to pack for a trip to Mallorca heavily depends on when you are going to Mallorca. Of course, during summer, Mallorca is the ideal place to wear all your beautiful sustainable dreamy dresses. During the autumn and winter months, the weather can vary a bit. During the day and in the sun it might get warm enough for you to wear a T-shirt but my advice is to always carry a cardigan or sweater with you in case you get cold! 

Where to Stay on Your Frist Trip to Mallorca? 

If you want to follow this itinerary, you can choose to stay in Palma, however, it is easier to do all of the exploring of Mallorca as described, when you are planning your trip as a road trip! Usually, when I travel to Mallorca, I stay in one area and do daytrips, however if you are following this itinerary, it makes sense to book a finca close to Valldemossa or Inca for the first part and a finca close to Santanyí for the second part.

How to Get Around in Mallorca?

While Mallorca has public transport, the easiest way to get around is to rent a car. However, if you come during the summer months, certain places on this itinerary will be harder to access because they have risen in popularity, and in the summer the narrow streets in the Serra de Tramuntana can be challenging for a good driver. That’s why again I tell you to come during the off-season to avoid stress.

Your Itinerary for the Week! 

So now as you come during the off-season, you packed your most wonderful clothes, you have your flight booked and your rental car ready, let’s start with this wonderful week of exploring Mallorca

Day 1 – Exploring Palma

Hello and welcome to the island that I am thankful to call my second home! For this itinerary, we will assume that you arrived either around early in the afternoon and it is time for lunch and you still have a few hours to explore Palma! 

Lunch at the Botanic 

The Botanic is the perfect place to arrive at the wonderful city of Palma. In its relaxed courtyard, you can enjoy their „plant-forward“ food where not meat or fish are the stars of the show but vegetables and legumes. In my opinion, one of the coolest restaurants in Palma! 

The outside of the Botanic restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, on of the best restaurants of Mallorca
Pulpo Taco Wraps by the Botanic in Palma

Or Lunch at the La Caña

If you are looking for a place where you can eat more traditional Tapas and a little more fish, the La Caña is the perfect place! Close to the Palma Marina, it almost has a little beach club vibe and serves the most amazing tapas with a twist. It is also the number one place for you if you are looking for some oysters to slurp. 

La Caña Tapas

Now that you are strengthened by an amazing lunch, it is time to explore the beautiful city of Palma! There are many things to explore there, so let me tell you about the one roue that I always walk with first timers to show them the most beautiful parts of the city. 

Walking Tour Around Palma – Paseo del Born

Starting from your lunch restaurants, you will walk up to the Rambla, and on the way you will already be able to see the beautiful Cathedral of Palma and the lush surrounding gardens, which are amazing to explore too! The Ramblas are a boulevard that also comes with a little shade, which is especially nice on a hotter day. You will see, the Ramblas are lined with shops that are very inviting for shopping and I have to tell you, you will have a hard time just walking by and I hope you brought some space in your suitcase with you! One of the best places to shop there (or to have a nice coffee) is the Rialto Living Store, which sells a wide array of lifestyle products and has a nice café inside!

Mallorca Itinerary - Passeo del Born

Walking Tour Around Palma – To the Placa Major

From the Paseo del Born, I like to turn right into the narrow streets of Palma, that are not accessible to cars anymore. From there you set your destination to be the Plaça Major but take your time to get there! Get lost in the small streets and artistic shops and marvel at the gorgeous art nouveau-style houses of the city. There is so much to discover here, you will love it! The one thing to look out for when walking around is the house that was designed by Gaudi himself. Yes! The same architect who created the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona left traces in Palma too.

Gaudi House in Palma - Did you know that Palma de Mallorca is famous for its Art Noveau buildings? Even architect Gaudi has created a house there!

Once you reach the Plaça Major, it is time to make a turn and end your exploration of Palma at the cathedral. Of course, you can already see it from afar when arriving at Palma with the car but you also shouldn’t miss to marvel at it from close up! If you still have the time, a visit is also a must! I usually only like to see it and the area.

Dinner Time – the One and Only La Bóveda

I hope you had a light lunch because there is one place in Palma that you shouldn’t miss and it is only the best tapas restaurant in Palma. La Bóveda is one of these restaurants where you see the essence of the city it is located in. Walking on its worn-out stone ground feels like walking on historic grounds and above the tiled bar, you can see the Jamón de Serrano hanging and drying. It is wonderful and they have the best tapas in Palma there. My favorite ones to go are usually chipirones (little fried squids), pulpo a la gallega (cooked squid) and patatas fritas.

And that’s it for your day in Palma! I recommend you now drive to your Finca in Valldemossa or Sóller, where you will stay the next 3 nights.

Helpful Tips for Palma:

  • If you come to Palma by car, park your car directly next to the cathedral. You will see signs for parking lots from the highway easily. Follow them and park there. It is pricey, but still the cheaper option, as parking in the city of Palma is only allowed for residence and will be fined big time.
  • Palma is full of pickpockets. Me and my family already saw people stealing stuff so many times, so please never leave your stuff out of sights and keep phones and valuables close to you.

Day 2 & 3 – Exploring All the Places of the Serra de Tramuntana

Rise and shine! The next two days will be all about exploring the vast beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana. The UNESCO World Heritage is home to many breathtaking places and now I will give you a brief overview of some of my favorite places there. You can also check out my post about how to road trip the Serra de Tramuntana for further details. I suggest you plan at least two days exploring the Serra de Tramuntana and visit as many places on this list as you can fit in.


Let’s start your day by visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca! Valldemossa is filled with cute shops, selling unique products and the loveliest cafés and restaurants. It is the ideal spot to have either your breakfast or lunch there. One of the things that are mandatory for a visit there is to see the Monastery museum, which was also the home of composer Chopin and his wife George Sand. This, plus the beautiful garden of the monastery, will make your trip to Valldemossa worthwhile!

Valldemossa in a nutshell:

  • Carthusian Monastery Valldemossa
  • Barbaflorida cafè
  • La Posada
  • Es Taller Valldemossa
  • Sa Cantonada Valldemossa
  • Ana’s Room

Cala Deia

How can I not mention the beauty of Cala Deia? The beautiful beach made it made itself quite a name but not by the way a beach usually gets famous. See, Cala Deia is not the best location if you are looking for a beach with white sand or palm trees. The beach is quite rocky but its real charm is in its beach bar. The Ca’s Patró March is one of the island’s best fish restaurants, often frequented by celebrities. It holds a special place in my heart because, in this place, my mum fell in love with my dad.

Sóller & Port de Sóller

One of Mallorca’s most iconic sights is the historical wooden tram connecting Sólller and its harbor. If you are visiting Palma, it is an absolute must to ride it back and forth. If you want to take it, you can start in Sóller next to the church and go all the way to the Port de Sóller and back. Besides the tram, Sóller is also famous for the countless orange trees it hosts, which you have to try. Apart from that it is also wonderful to just roam the streets of this beautiful small town.

There are also many amazing tours that you can go on starting in Sóller. Especially when you are eager to explore Mallorca from above or would love to see more of the island from a more maritime perspective!

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Embassament de Cúber & Mirador des Gorg Blau

On the road to Sóller (or on your way away from Sóller, depending on your direction) you will also come across the Cúber & the Gorg Blau, which are the two biggest freshwater reservoirs of the island and I loved to get out of the car and walk along its shore for a while.

Gorg Blau Serra de Tramuntana
Gorg Blau is such a beautiful place!

Mirador Coll de Reis

The Serra de Tramuntana is a place where you will find no shortage of small, winding roads and turns but the Mirador Coll de Reis tops it all, because the road crosses itself, going in a perfect ribbon and is extra special when viewed from above!

Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is one of those fantastic places in Mallorca that you just know from the postcard motifs. The small coastal town is quite charming but what is most amazing to see is the beach and canyon of Sa Calobra.

Santuari de Lluc

Lluc is one of the most underrated places in the Serra de Tramuntana. Right there you can find a beautiful and serene monastery with a lush garden. The monastery also contains a museum and is a must-see!

Mirador de El Colomer

One thing I love about the Serra de Tramuntana is the steep cliffs and one place to catch the perfect view of them is the Mirador de El Colomer.

Cap de Formentor

There is but a single place in the Serra de Tramuntana where you should experience the sunset and it is also a major point on your Mallorca bucket list. It is the Cap de Formentor, the most Western point of the island. From the lighthouse you can see the cliffs and sometimes even dolphins, if you are lucky. However, during the summer months, the access to this place is limited and you can only reach it by bus!

Day 4 – Market of Alcudia, Cala Mesquida, Capdepera, Arta

Once you explored the beauties of the Serra de Tramuntana, it is time to see more of the Western end of Mallorca, which will be filled with vibrant markets, white-sanded beaches, and gorgeous medieval towns!

Market of Alcudia

Known as one of the biggest markets of Mallorca, each Tuesday and Sunday the Alcúdia market turns the streets and narrow roads of Alcúdia into a paradise for shopaholics and those in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle. Whether looking for ingredients and spices for your homemade dinner or Mallorquin products as gifts for yourself or your loved ones, you will find whatever your culinary self looks for! Some of my favorite products are cutting boards made from Olive, Mallorquin olive oil, Salt, or wine. If you are not one for cooking, the market is also the perfect place to look for beautiful summer dresses or my favorite thing to shop for – handmade beach or shopping baskets.

However, even if you don’t make it to the market, Alcúdia is a wonderful city with a rich history. It is a great place to have a stroll in, chat with the local store owners, and walk the medieval city wall!

Cala Mesquida

After spending the morning strolling and shopping, it is time to get some much-needed refreshment! Now that you spent so many days exploring the mountains of Mallorca, you might think that the island is somehow lacking in beautiful beaches. It is of course not, and right now you get to see one of my absolute favorites on the island. The Cala Mesquida is one of those beaches where the white sands make squishy noises underneath your feet and it is met by an incredible blue sea. I love it for its wonderful beach bar, the Mirablau.


Once you soak in as much sun as needed, it is time to visit another beautiful city! Artà is the perfect place to promenade along the main road up to its church and castle from where you have a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.

Enjoying the panoramic view of Artà from the Mirador d'Artà.
Enjoying the panoramic view of Artà from the Mirador d’Artà.

Night in Santanyí

Now after you explored so many places in the North and West of Mallorca, the last area I want you to explore is the South, the area, I spent the most time in. Again, I encourage you to look for a nice finca to stay the next two to three nights, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring. And once you have driven from Artà to Santanyí and are still looking for a place to have dinner that night, make sure to check out the Son Terassa or the Sa Farinera. Both are some of the best restaurants of Mallorca and are absolute gems!

Day 5 – Calo des Moro, Es Pontas, Cala Lombards, Porto Colom

Your next day will be spent exploring some of the most amazing beaches in Mallorca that even rose to Instagram and TikTok virality. Once again it will be smart for you to get up early because of that popularity. If laying on different beaches and going for a swim throughout the day sounds too boring to you, I will also list some beautiful coastal walks and viewpoint for you to check out here!

Calo des Moro

Oh, the one and only Calo des Moro! It is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca and a must-do in this Mallorca itinerary! This beautiful beach with the most turquoise and blue waters imaginable is surrounded by cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation. The only way to get there is from the neighboring beach called Cala s’Almunia. The way can be rocky and steep, but it is worth it! Due to its popularity, it is best to be there very early if you are traveling to Mallorca during peak season.

Cala Llombards

The next beach on this list is the Cala Llombards, which is equally as beautiful as the Calo des Moro but much more accessible! With a parking lot directly next to the beach and a wonderful beach restaurant during the summer months. It is the perfect place to go for a swim and enjoy the warm temperatures of the Mediterranean climate!

Es Pontas

One of Mallorca’s hidden gems is Es Pontas The stone arch in the water can only be reached by taking a walk along the cliffs and is so magnificent. I simply love cliff walks like this, when the air smells like pine trees and the ocean. For those with a drone, the stone arch marks a nice challenge, but be careful. When I was there, a fellow drone pilot had his drone fall into the ocean after it hit the stone.

Cala Figuera

The next gorgeous place to explore is Cala Figuera. The fishermen’s village has a picturesque harbor that you can pass to get to another breathtaking scenery where a clover and succulent lined path will lead you to the village’s lighthouse. Here it is helpful to know, that there are two Cala Figueras in Mallorca, and this one here is the one that is already in the area of Santanyí.

Day 5 of this Mallorca itinerary is also the perfect option to get ocean-bound! In this area, you will find many amazing tours including boat tips and water-activites!

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Dinner in the Sa Llotja

One of my most beloved restaurants in Mallorca is the Sa Llotja in Cala d’Or. The harbor of Cala d’Or is an incredibly chic and fancy place and the most amazing restaurant of them all is the Sa Llotja. I am so in love with their interior design and ordering an Aperol Spritz in front of their turquoise tiles is so special. The one thing I like to order over and over is the menu, because it is only 50€ but includes 4 courses and drinks for the evening, which is an amazing deal for me!

Day 6 – Market of Santanyi, Coloni S. Jordi, Es Trenc, Cala Pi

Day 6 of your Mallorca Itinerary will be filled with more Mallorquin towns to explore and more importantly more breathtaking beaches to really soak in the Mediterrean sun!


If you missed the market of Alcúdia because you didn’t make it there on a Saturday or Tuesday, you now have a second chance to experience the Mallorquin markets in Santanyí. As Santanyí is closer to the area I usually stay in Mallorca, I have gone there countless times and say that the market here is my absolute favorite. It takes place every week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and I love to combine going there with having a delicious breakfast of Pa’ amb Oli (mallorquin sandwiches). You can get the best ones in Santanyí in the Can Gelat or the Terra Origens. The pro tip for the market is to visit it early in the day because, from 10:00 AM onwards, the place gets very crowded during the summer months.

A must do when going to Mallorca for the first time is to have Pa amb Oli and the Can Gelat in Santanyí is one of my favorite places to have this!

Es Trenc

After strolling through the beautiful streets of Santanyí, the perfect thing to do next is to enjoy another fantastic beach! The Es Trenc is the perfect paradise-like beach for you to do some tanning! It gets super hot there during the summer months, so make sure to bring lots of sun-screen with you going there!

Cala Pi

Another beach that is simply too beautiful to be missed when traveling to Mallorca is Cala Pi! It is one of those small serene places that I love to visit the most. It was also home to the infamous small platform which was beloved by influencers until the community had to remove it because of safety concerns.

Mallorca Itinerary - Cala Pi

Day 7 – Palma 

As this is the last day on this Mallorca itinerary, you will have explored so many things in Mallorca that you are already a pro! So for Day 7, it makes sense to gravitate towards Palma again since you might have your flight back home booked again. Here you can still explore other amazing places like the Mercat de Santa Catalina! Or you can go on a wine tasting in one of the Mallorquin bodegas. Or you just take more time to relax at one of the wonderful beaches! You will not run out of ideas here.

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