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Trending Things that Belong in Every Girl‘s Suitcase

Hello and welcome back! Are you looking for some trending things to add to your packing list or for a gift for a friend? I put up this little list of my favorite items in the world to inspire you! Most of these items on this list are from smaller brands that I absolutely love and can’t imagine to live without!

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something that I recommend, I will earn a small commission. As always, this commission won’t make you pay any cent more, it only helps me to provide more helpful postings. 

Facial Cream With SPF by Aesop

Ok if you didn’t get the news, let me get this clear for you: everyone who likes to age well, should use sun protection, every single day they plan to set foot outside. 

Depending on where in the world you are currently the perfect cream depends on temperature, SPF and how your own skin feels like. I can say that I just found my perfect cream for European winter which happens to be the Sage & Zinc cream by Aesop. It comes with an SPF of 15 and has a creamy and rich texture, perfect for the weather conditions we have in a rainy Germany.

Tube of Facial Cream

A Sustainable Chapstick by Dr Bronners

My lips are always chapped. I don’t know why this happens and if someone knows why, please let me know in the comments! But every now and then my lips become extremely dry. What helps best is a chapstick that comes with amazing ingredients and a wraping that consists only of recycled plastic. It comes in many different colors and tastes. Currently I have the blue one but before I had the rosé one. Unfortunately I forgot this one in the pocket of my jeans before washing it, so I had to mourn it for a while before I went and got my new one.

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A Very Hyggelig Handcreme by Scandinavisk

Why does a girl’s life constantly consists of dehydrated skin and the eternal try to get some moisture into it? My lips are chapped, my skin is dry and my hands wants to be cared about every thirty minutes. Since last fall I think I found the best smelling handcreme there could ever be. ‚Fjord‘ by Scandinavisk smells like it was ‚crafted from glaciers‘. It also has some of the most stylish packages that I can imagine. 

And even more amazing is that Scandinavisk holds a BiCorporation Certificate. This means that it is not only an outstanding product but also a sustainable one! 

'Fjord' Handcreme by Skandinavisk

 A Solid Perfume by Apothecary

I will repeat myself but there is nothing that I value more in my make up bag than my little solid perfume. Before I would carry bulky perfumes with me, that lasted about an hour. Now I have a tiny tan of cream with me, that I can apply and that lasts for the whole day! 

My go to choices for these kind of perfumes are the ones by Apothecary. Their scent range is amazing and I fear the day that I will run out of it. My personal highlight is the scent ‚Admiral‘ that comes in a light turquoise tin and smells as if you’d just breathed fresh sea air.  

two packages of Apothecary

An Ultra stylish Passport Cover

By Yaga

It even says it on the passport itself: you need to take good care of it! Therefore I like to put mine into a cover. Yaga offers a wide range of different colours and materials for their passport covers. In this picture, you can see my mother’s passport in their leopard case!

YAGA – as seen on Studio Fjer

Or the Cambridge Satchel Company

Another company that I like to advocate for is the Cambridge Satchel Company. They made my all time favorite passport cover, which also happens to have my intiatls on it! 

Polarized Sunshades from Les Cousines

As we need to protect our skin from sunlight, we also need to safe our eyes. Especially blue eyes tend to be very sensitive towards sunlight and in the summer I can’t go outside without shades or wishing to have shades with me now.

These days I have two brand new sunglasses and I bought them in Palma in the shop of Two Cousines. Besides being super stylish, the models that I chose are also polarized, which means that they are even more protective of your eyes than usual sunglasses do. Plus they add a super cool vivid filter to everything that I see, so I can’t wait for summer to come for me to wear them everyday!  

Sun Glasses Les Cousines - La Vie En Marine

A HamaManiac Towel

After spending a plane ride freezing due to the air-con and not being warmed up by the thin blanket you will never not bring a large scarf with you for long flight. My favorite one is by HamaManiac. It is large enough to be used as a blanket and the coziest scarf for any day!

HamaManiac – as seen on Studio Fjer.

Girl with a large scarf
On this picture you can see my scarf.

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Trending Things That Belong in Every Girl's Suitcase - La Vie En Marine


  • Phoebe

    Thank you about the Dr Bronners! I had no idea they were made from recycled plastic. I constantly have chapped lips and cracked corners, only made worse by European winters!!

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