Barafundle Bay from Road Trip in South Wales

How To Road Trip in South Wales

Hello and welcome (back)! Back in 2017 I and my friend felt the adventure’s call and decided to spend our vacation road-tripping in Wales. It was by far one of my most beloved vacations. We put a mattress in the back of my friend’s old car so we could sleep in it and it was amazing! Firstly we spent a crisp morning in Stonehenge before we drove off to have an unforgettable road trip in South Wales!

Road tripping in the UK can be a bit challenging. Especially when it comes to camping. You are obliged to visit a proper camping ground and parking and fees are very expensive. Therefore I would suggest you save enough money, so you won’t end up without a camping ground.

Barafundle Bay from Road Trip in South Wales
Pembrokeshire is home to some of the most beautiful beaches I saw!

Our Route

With the route that we did, we are able to see, what I would say, the very best of Wales. Of course, there is always more to see and to do, but we found that we did a very good job planning this. After Stonehenge, we drove to Tenby, from where we roamed to a lot of wonderful beaches and coastlines of the Pembrokeshire National park. Afterwards, we drove to Fishguard and from there we continued our road trip in North Wales.

First Stop: Tenby

What to See

After a short research on what to see in Wales, a lot of articles agreed on the importance of visiting Tenby. The small village on the coast is best known for its beautiful beaches, colorful houses, and sunny climate. And indeed, when we arrived we were greeted with wonderful sunshine and had the most wonderful day ever. We had some coffee, went for endless walks on the beach, and enjoyed life to the fullest. And what do you have for dinner when in the UK? Of course, fish and chips. Best with vinegar.

Tenby Harbour, Roadtrip in South Wales
Tenby's Palms, Road Trip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine
Tenby Beach, Road Trip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine

And even when the weather is not that sunny, the village is still worth exploring. On our second there, it was all rainy and stormy. But the beaches were still scenic and the perfect background for some moody pictures. We also visited a lovely bookstore and a lot of other beautiful boutiques. Nevertheless, on the way back to our car we were fully drained by a massive storm. We were chilled to the bone and not in the best mood but the beauty of Tenby still overwhelmed us!

Colorful Houses of Tenby, Roadtrip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine
A Car on The Beach, Road Trip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine
Moody Tenby Beach, Roadtrip in South Wales - La VIe En Marine

Where to Eat

Park Road Fish & Chip Shop

As mentioned above, when in the UK, I have to eat Fish and Chips. And we had some amazing fish and chips at the Park Road Fish & Chip Shop.


After our second day in Tenby, we decided to drive further towards our next destination, Stackpole. But as we were soaked and freezing, we had to look for the closest camping site on our way that happened to be on top of Skrinkle Bay. When we arrived, it was dark, so we just parked our car there and by the time we woke up, we were surprised by the best view you can imagine. Staying there was one of our road trip’s highlights and if I would go there again, I would spend at least two nights there!

Skrinkle Bay Camping Ground

Third Stop: Pembrokeshire Coast Path

After Tenby and our spontaneous stop in Skrinkle Bay, we proceeded to drive to our next bigger goal: discovering the Pembrokeshire Coast Path! As the name suggests it is basically a path alongside the sea and what a beautiful one! The scenery is incredible and remains to be one of the most breathtaking I have ever seen.

What to See

My advice is of course to hike the Pembrokeshire Coast path! You can spend days there, hiking, swimming and exploring. To get to the path we drove to Stackpole where we left our car in a parking lot, paid for the entry, and went for the hike. The most important things for you to see (besides the coast path) are the Barafundle Bay, the Broad Haven South Beach, and the St. Govans Church! Especially St. Govan’s Church will remain in your memory. The small church is located in such a surreal place, it is very memorable!

Pembroke Shire Shores
Pembroke Shire National Park
St. Govan's Chapel, Roadtrip in South Wales l by La Vie En Marine

If hiking isn’t enough to float your boat and you need that special extra something, make sure to check out some tours and activities!

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Where to Stay

To discover the beauties of Pembrokeshire we choose St. Petrox Camping to be our base camp. The ground isn’t too expensive and still offers clean facilities!

Where to Eat

As we tried to save as much money as we could, we dined in most of the time. But there is one culinary tip that I can offer to you. Who would have thought this, but it is again a place for fish & chips! It is called Rowlies Fish & Chips and is even an award-winning restaurant!

Fourth Stop: Fishguard Bay

After staying in Pembrokeshire for quite a while we hit the road again and it led us to Fishguard Bay! A lovely small village by the sea! We spent an afternoon there just wandering around and being amazed.

Fishguard, Roadtrip in South Wales - La VIe En Marine
Beautiful Pembrokeshire, Roadtrip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine

We spent the night on a camping ground nearby where they’d let us park the car where we had an amazing view (again!). Together with the owners and other visitors, we had an amazing bbq that evening and we were so happy to be there! It was the perfect end to our time in South Wales. As I consider the next stop to be a part of North Wales, I will continue writing our story there!

By The Way: Of course, there is more to see in South Wales! If I would go back, I would love to discover more of Skrinkle Bay, the Pembroke Shire Coast Path, and especially Skomer Island with all the puffins! Make also sure to check out my Europe Bucket List for further travel information!

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How To Road Trip in South Wales - La Vie En Marine

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