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Roadtrip in South Wales [pt.2]

September 14, 2017

Hello again! Very nice to greet you here to follow up my story about our roadtrip in Wales! We spend the first week in South Wales checking out the best beaches and most beautiful coasts and cliffs.

In my last post I told you we arrived at Stonehenge and had our first nap in the back of our car. After we had recovered from our nightlong car ride from our home to Dunkerque and from Dover to Stonehenge we drove off to our first stop in Wales: Tenby.

We arrived at Tenby at 4pm at had the most wonderful hours with the best weather!

Afterwards we had our very first search for a campsite. First we planned to do some wild camping but this was not possible for us so we decided to visit campsites everyday.

Our first campsite was rather disappointing. It was called Well Ground Camping. They charged us 19£ which was quite expensive compared to other camp sites. Furthermore I was disappointed with the facilities as I was not that happy using the bathroom. Nevertheless we survived our first night in the car and checked out punctually.

We drove to the South beach as we wished to spend our day there and found a parking lot next to a train station. This was nearly the only parking lot we found for free so if you visit Wales look for train stations.

Soon we arrived at the beach and took a long walk towards Tenby town. It was very cloudy and we were really afraid it could start raining every minute. But as nothing can stop us we continued walking around the harbor and city of Tenby. It was a very nice day and we had a nice coffee and enjoyed the fresh sea air but as we wanted to walk back to our car it started to rain and it wouldn’t stop.

As we reached our car we were wet and chilled to the bone. Which was very frustrating as we didn’t had any chance to dry our clothes. And on top of that we didn’t had a place to sleep for this night so we started to get a little bit desperate. We didn’t know that we soon found one of the most beautiful campsite on our roadtrip which would be Skrinkle Bay! It was nearly empty, affordable and had nice facilities. But the best thing ever was the view! You could see the ocean directly from our car. It was just perfect although it was still raining. But all cozy in our warm sheets we loved to fall asleep with the sound of waterdrops on our car.

Waking up with this incredible view was nearly as beautiful as to fell asleep with it.

The next morning we stuffed all our things very quickly and drove off to our next sight: the Pembrokeshire national coast path and Barafundle Bay. And what can I tell you about that? Well just look at those pictures, they tell you more about it than I could ever put in words.

After this beautiful hike we drove to St. Petrox Camping where we stayed two nights. It was very affordable and this made it ok for us that the facilities were not the most luxurious, we had on this trip. You can find their website here.

As the sun was still up we just took a short nap and then took a look at Pembroke, which is the nearest village and had one of the best fish and chips ever. The restaurant is famous for their dishes and is called Rowlies Fish & Chips and it was actually quite nice.

With still having a lot of time on our hands we decided to drove off to Broad Haven South West and to St. Govans Church and chilled there and just enjoyed being there.


When it was getting darker and darker we drove back to our campsite and got to bed.

But let me give you a funny behind the scenes info! As already mentioned we were not that into camping before. Now sleeping on campsites with people around us who are pros at camping was a bit embarrassing for us. (At least we thought that about us). While they slept in the best and biggest campers/tents with full furniture and their own kitchen, we did not even have a table or a cooker and we shut our windows with a cut sheet. We felt like the ugly ducklings of every campsite.

The next day was actually not that special because it was raining the whole day and we seize this time to charge our electronical devices. Nothing special but it had to be done. After fish and chips we returned to St. Petrox and took a nap.

The next morning we started our day with selfmade sandwhiches and a new destination: Fishguard. We really enjoyed the day in this cute little village so much. First of all it was the first place without any fees for parking which is great for travelling on a budget. We visited the best sights with wonderful views and took a break on every bench with a great view. Had some hot chocolate with marshmallows and looked at the ocean for hours. It was really wonderful.

Beach Wales

Later we had to find another campsite for the night which was the part of this roadtrip we didn’t enjoyed that much. But this evening we were blessed with the best campsite we could possibly find. Its name is Fishguard Bay Resort (check out their website here.) and they were the kindest people ever. As they didn’t had space for another camper they give us a free space and well it was quite a space with a view.

We were allowed to use all of the facilities (and they were so clean and nice I couldn’t believe it!) and also had a nice barbecue with the other visitors with delicious hamburger patties from St. David. It was like a paradise!

The next morning we took a short hike along the pembrokeshire coast path and had a small rest on a tiny beach nearby. After returning to the campsite it was time to say goodbye to this heaven on earth and we continued our roadtrip towards Wales north! Stay tuned so you don’t miss the next part of our adventure!

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