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How to Enjoy Madrid at a Slower Pace

Hello and welcome again! Today it is time for you to learn more about how to enjoy Madrid at a slower pace!! I have been there in October for a weekend to visit my best friend. She was studying there for a semester abroad and was willing to be my guide for two days.

I flew with Ryanair and the cost was 145€ which isn’t as cheap as it could be but I saved some money because I slept at my friend’s apartment. Therefore it didn’t destroy my budget. Arriving late my lovely Lena welcomed me at the airport and we took the bus to Alcalá. There she had her residence and we had some sushi at a restaurant nearby. By the way; Alcalá is also one of the most wonderful day trips from Madrid, in case you are looking for a small getaway from Madrid!

The next morning we took the train to Madrid and spend the day exploring the city. While there is a lot of things to do and to see in Madrid, like visiting the royal palace, I want to show you how to enjoy Madrid at a slower pace. The Spanish way of life cherishes the siesta, joy, and quality food and so does this blog post. Instead of rushing from sight to sight, why don’t you slow down? Enjoy some tapas, work on your tan and explore this breathtaking city in a more mindful way!

Eating at Mercado de San Miguel

Truly a food lover’s dream! Ideal for a snack at noon or for some dinner. You can get tons of lovely small things like paella, fish, tortillas, and our choice: burrata with ham & fig marmalade or with tomato and pesto! We also had a plate of paella and stuffed olives and it was overall delicious! The only thing I wished for is spending even more time there.

MozHeart, Enjoy Madrid - La Vie en Marine

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Chilling at the Parque del Retiro

After a long day of shopping on the Gran Vía and seeing beautiful sights, you should take some time off at the Parque del Retiro. Grab some stuffed olives, fuet, and bread with aioli, some wine, a blanket, and your bestie for a beautiful time off, while the sun goes down.

Beautiful Parque Retiero, Enjoying Madrid - La VIe En Marine

Tapas tour!

There is so much food to try in Spain but my favorite is by far the traditional Tapas! We had ours in Alcála and it is really cool! You don’t order one huge meal but a lot of small plates like a tortilla, bocadillo or other great food! You can have wine or beer with it. Usually, you will have one to three tapas at one bar and then you will go to the next one. My personal favorite way to enjoy Madrid or Spain in general!

Take The time to Admire The Architecture

Madrid is so beautiful! One tip so that you won’t miss a thing is to avoid busses and public transportation. You will see a stunning city with one of Europe’s most beautiful architecture. It is one of the best tips for exploring a city. Stay away from tubes and underground stations. Walking will get you the most of your trip! Especially walking from Gran Vía to Parque del Retiro will take you through some awesome neighborhoods. There will be beautiful restaurants and cafés on your way and some stunning buildings to take pictures of!

Enjoying Madrid - La Vie En Marine

If you want to gather more inspiration about what to do in Madrid, check out this beautiful article about 10 alternative things to experience in Madrid! 

So I hope these tips helped you to plan your trip to Madrid or to add it to your bucket list!

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How to Enjoy Madrid at a Slower Pace - La Vie En Marine

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