Christmas Time in Warsaw - Christmas Tree And Light Show at Plac Zamkovy

Warsaw – Christmas Highlights!

Hello and welcome! Recently I visited Warsaw for a weekend trip and I was super excited about this happening during Christmas time! Warsaw is known for its Christmas mood and beautiful lighting and that’s why I am very thrilled to tell you the best places to experience the Warsaw Christmas Highlights!

Christmas Market at Warsaw Rynek Starego Miasta

In the middle of the Old Town, close to the Babakan, you will find the Rynek Starego Miasta where we found a lovely small marketplace with a dozen stalls that sell mulled wine, hot chocolate & sausages on kraut!

And when looking around you will see that this place is the perfect location for a Christmas market! The houses that surround it are so beautiful and cute, that they build up the perfect background for this scenery!

But our highlight there was not the mulled wine but the ice-skating ring that they built up! We were super lucky as they just opened it when we arrive. As a tip let me tell you that the scenery is especially magical when it is dark and the decoration is turned on.

Warsaw Christmas Magic - Ice Skating Rynek Starego Miasta

But if you are a little bit insecure about your ice-skating skills you can also come during the day. The ring will be less crowded and you can train to become the next ice princess.

Pro tip: if you are not amazed by mulled wine or ice skating you could still go there and enjoy it with a piece of sweet pastry to soak up the Christmas mood. On the southern corner of the square, you can find a small window where they sell chimney cake! Have one and soak up the Christmas magic!

And by the way, many other European countries have very unique traditions for Christmas, such as these Norwegian Christmas traditions!

Warsaw Christmas Highlights - Chimney Cake

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Christmas Tree And Light Show at Plac Zamkovy

If you leave the marketplace towards the south you will get to the royal palace where they placed the huge Christmas tree!

In the evening they will turn the lights on and have a light show where they put snowflakes on the royal palace. Make sure to check it out, it is just too magical to miss it!

Extra Tip: there is a viewpoint next to the royal palace where you have a wonderful view of this place! It is extra beautiful when visiting it in the dark to see the tree from above!

Christmas Time in Warsaw - Christmas Tree And Light Show at Plac Zamkovy

The Christmas Lights Down The Krakowskie Prezedmieście

If you continue to walk south you will come to the Krakowskie Prezedmieście where they put on beautiful Christmas lights! This year they were golden/silver and blue which is a color combination I really love! You can walk down the street enjoying these beauties and admiring the wonderful architecture of Warsaw’s Old Town.

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Some Additional Tips

Now you heard about my Christmas highlights in Warsaw and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! For you to have the best experience I have some extra tips.

Stay warm.

Keep. This. In. Mind. Poland in December is most likely to be super cold. I wore stockings, knee socks, and additional socks and it was still not enough. This a gentle reminder for you to check for good shoes.

Furthermore, wear enough layers. Especially in the evening, the wind can be super painful and cold. If you don’t want to end up walking like a penguin and feeling like a popsicle, you should definitely prepare for this!

Try everything!

Polish cuisine is not something for everyone. It is very hearty and contains a lot of meat but especially at the Christmas market you should try everything! They have amazing pastries and other delicious things, that are just too good not to try!

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Wait until it is dark.

Luckily it is winter time so it already gets dark around 4 pm. And this time is super magical as the lights are turned on. So if you don’t want to spend the whole day in the Old Town, just make sure to be there in the evening!

This is already the close of my post and I hope I could help you to prepare your Christmas time in Warsaw! If you know more tips than the ones presented here, drop me a message and let me know. I would love to show it here.

When you are interested in reading more posts of mine, check out my post about Riga, another great city to spend time in! Or if you are especially interested in the Christmas spirit, have a look at the Christmas markets in Düsseldorf!

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