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Here’s To The Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

Hello and welcome back! It is this time of the year again where all Instagramers are twirling their ways to the Christmas Markets all around Europe. As I live in Düsseldorf, Germany I am a very lucky girl to live directly at the source of all those wonderful Christmas markets. As Düsseldorf has quite a few, let me help you to plan your perfect Christmas trip.

Unlike other bigger Christmas markets, Düsseldorf offers many little ones instead of one big one. This makes it a little harder to see all of the Christmas beauty, but otherwise, it offers a wider diversity of Christmas market magic. I will go through them one by one, ending with those that I think are the most magical!

Rathausplatz Christmas in Düsseldorf

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Mulled Wine and Christmas gifts In Front of the Theatre “Schauspielhaus”

Right in front of Düsseldorf’s local theatre you will find the first Christmas market on this list. I have always loved this one because of its rustic optics and charming stalls. One of the things that you really have to try when visiting a German Christmas market is Flammlachs which is salmon that gets cooked over an open fire. It is incredibly delicious and I love to have it right there! If you want you will also find some of the stalls selling beautiful Christmas gifts like bathbombs and woolen socks!

Käthe Wohlfahrt and More at Shadow Platz

Entering the city at Shadow Straße U-Bahnhof will directly get you to the Christmas Market at the Shadow Platz. It starts directly next to the train station and goes all the way up to the Breuninger and Shadowplatz. It offers a variety of great food stalls such as Potato Twisters, Spätzle, and Flammkuchen. The obligatory mulled wine can be found here too but I prefer it with a little twist: have a baked apple punch. Seriously, at a Christmas market, you can find almost any classic German dish, that you need to try! There you can also find the famous Käthewohlfahrt, a huge store selling beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Ice Skating Rink & Christmassy Carouses at Königsallee

Walking towards the river Rhine from the Shadow Platz you are 100% likely to pass the Königsallee on your way! As usual, it comes with a few stalls that serve mulled wine and waffles but nevertheless, it has something special to offer: an ice skating park. Sponsored by the DEG, Düsseldorfs local ice hockey club, it will be there until Christmas. In recent years you also found more and more stalls along the small pond inside of the Königsallee and my personal highlight – the giant Christmas carousel, as seen in this picture below!

A girl holding two cups with hot chocolate and cream at the Christmas Market at Königsallee

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The Flinger Straße also has some wonderful stalls! My personal highlight is the one that sells all the different variations of burned almonds! For me that’s the one candy that I need to have every christmas. If not, it is not a real Christmas for me!

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Am Rathaus

Let’s come to my top three Christmas markets in Düsseldorf. Among these three I couldn’t say which I like the most, for me, they are all incredibly beautiful and definitely among the prettiest Christmas markets in Europe!. The one at the Rathaus comes with a pretty vintage carousel and a giant Christmas tree, which gives you just the perfect Christmas vibes!

La Vie En Marine in front of the Christmas tree at Rathausplatz, Düsseldorf
Carousel at Rathausplatz Christmas in Düsseldorf

Am Schlossturm

If you walk a little further down the Old Town you will stumble upon a ferris wheel! This ferriswheel is next to one of the major sights of Düsseldorf the Schlossturm. The stalls there are incredible pretty, as they create a real small christmas village, which is just too pretty to see! Make sure to have a Füchschen beer right there and sing “Where is my Altbier?” (Little Düsseldorfer insider joke here!)

Christmas Market Next to the Schlossturm , Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf - La Vie En Marine

Benrather Schloss

Let’s talk about the one Christmas market that I loved the most this year! The Benrather Schloss is a lovely castle with the prettiest park. During December they open up a bunch of stalls around the castle’s place. They offer wonderful food such as Pierogi by Elomka, Chimney Cakes or Matcha Tea and more delicious things! Walking the park and the small market were my personal Christmas highlight this year and I loved it so much, that I went there twice!

Pretty Benrather Schloss - Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf - La Vie En Marine
Elomka Pierogi Schloss Benrath Christmas in Düsseldorf
Pierogi by Elomka were my personal highlight of the Christmas market at Schloss Benrath!
hot chocolate at schloss benrath
A hot chocolate a day…wasn’t there a famous saying that started like that?

And these are my favourite Christmas markets in Düsseldorf! I hope you enjoyed it and if you are curious for more information about my hometown, have a look at my Düsseldorf Food Guide or my Düsseldorf Café Guide!

It was truly hard to be wanderlusting during the Coronavirus Pandemic. That’s why I am more than glad that by now, all the Christmas markets in Düsseldorf take place as before.

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Here's to the Best Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf - La Vie En Marine


  • Susanna

    Oh my gosh, the Schlossturm market looks so cute – those stalls are decorated so perfectly. Hopefully, I can make it up to Dusseldorf for their Christmas markets next year – or maybe I will plan a last-minute trip up from Munich if they stay open this year.

  • Elaine @ Runawaybrit

    You had me at ‘Christmas market’. I LOVE a Christmas market, and I am so very sad that many are cancelled this year, as I was hoping to visit a German one this winter. I’ll be sure to check out Dusseldorf’s markets next year!

    • paula

      Hi Elaine! That is awesome! If you do, make sure to text me so we can have a Glühwein or hot cocoa together!

  • Elena Pappalardo

    Dusseldorf looks so charming and magical around Christmas! Thank you for transporting me! Side Note: I really want some mulled wine and cocoa now, haha.

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