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A Guide to Düsseldorf‘s Cafés

Hello and welcome back! I have been writing about my hometown Düsseldorf before and I have been writing about cafés before, so therefore it makes sense to write an article about Düsseldorf’s Cafés. All the places that found their way onto this list are loved by myself.

As usual, this is a list that is meant to grow with the time. New cafés will open and I get to visit places that I didn’t know yet. And I can’t wait to explore them for you!


One of Düsseldorf’s highlights! Formerly known as a pharmacy, the Cøffe now holds a super stylish café, that offers a variety of coffee specialties. They have their own coffee, which they also sell and furthermore lemonades, tea and a small range of pastries. And they offer Oatly oat milk to get the creamiest cappuccino (making them the first café for me to get in touch with oat milk!)

Covent Garden

The coziest there is! The Convent Garden is a lovely place that seems to be decorated for you to feel like home. The coffee is amazing just as its food. It is a place to be, a place to bring your Laptop, write an essay, work a bit or simply to solve a crossword puzzle.


If you are into industrial interior, you will simply love the Velvet. During daytime it is a nice café and at the evening it turns into a stylish bar. You can get heavenly coffee and cake and after having an amazing breakfast, you can have a stroll in the shop that is located next to the Velvet. We just adore it!

You can find their website here.

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Café am Schloss Benrath

Let’s come to the most beautiful café! Schloss Benrath is a wonderful small palace in Düsseldorf and just a wonderful destination for a stroll on a sunny Saturday or Sunday. Attached to it there is a big park, that you best experience in spring and in full bloom. The café itself is so lovely and offers an amazing variety of cakes, café and more breakfast options. It is almost fairytale-like! In my opinion the best of Düsseldorf’s cafés!

Café Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf's Café, La Vie En Marine

Café Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf's Café, La Vie En Marine

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