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The Three Best Cafés of Warsaw

Hello and welcome! In December I had the pleasure to visit Warsaw for a weekend and of course, I couldn’t imagine going there and not writing a Warsaw coffee guide about the best cafés and where to get your caffeine fix – and some good pastries.

There are so many things to do in Warsaw and the city is so incredibly beautiful. The architecture and scenery are beautiful and the food is incredible. In case you need more info, check out my Warsaw Food Guide!

As you might know, I love to visit the cutest cafés in town. I like them better than bars or restaurants. I enjoy the relaxing vibes you get in most of them. And especially I love to explore the best when I am abroad. So let’s start with my highlights right now!

Fat White

Ok, usually I don’t start with my favorite highlight but I just can’t help! The Fat White was the best café in Warsaw in my opinion! The interior is super cool and we sat there for quite a while!

Furthermore, I had an amazing coffee there and homemade banana bread, which was amazing! I really can’t recommend the Fat White enough!

Best Cafés of Warsaw - Fat White


Another great place for coffee, tea, and pastries is the Odette! It is said that it is one of the best places for pastries in Warsaw. So good, that when we went there, it was all gone. So better go there in the morning, so you won’t end up as sad as I am. And please let me know if it is as good as I think it is!

Best Cafés of Warsaw - Odette

Bułkę przez Bibułkę

Last but not least, my last tip: I won’t even try to pronounce it. My friend Iris got a recommendation for this place and we even had to make a reservation to get a table!

I had amazing tea and a great sandwich there! (Please try one of the sandwiches for me!) and I would have liked to eat and drink even more! Especially more coffee and cakes!

They produce everything locally and organic so it was not only delicious but also good for the environment. Furthermore, they have a great variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Best Cafés of Warsaw - Bułkę przez Bibułkę

So that’s it! All my tips for cute cafés in Warsaw, Poland. If you have another great tip, let me know and maybe I can add it to this list! If you want to read more about my time in Warsaw, check out what to see in Warsaw during Christmas time and my food guide about this amazing city.

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