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Paris Preparations: How to Prepare For a Trip to Paris

Every little girl dreams about Paris. We are trained on this from the very early days. Paris is the one city one dreams about. Its alleys, its sights, walks along the Seine, the cafés, food wine and so on and on and on. A trip to Paris isn’t just quite the same as other city trips. It is a way of life and therefore needs to be cherished from the very beginning. In this blogpost I am going to write about the preparations that I did to get the most of my trip to Paris. Hopefully it will be helpful to you and you feel a bit more Parisian afterwards.

Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant. -Honoré de Balzac

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To really soak up all the Parisian vibes I first tried to adapt the mindset of a Parisian women. To do so I did various things that I will explain to you one by one. Don’t worry about you not being French but wanting to see through the eyes of a Parisian woman. The first thing I learned is that everybody can feel this Parisian vibe.

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How to be Parisian

My first source was the book “How to be Parisian”. I borrowed it from a friend and read it within a few hours of babysitting. It is an easy read and quite funny. You don’t have to believe every word that is written in it but nevertheless it gave me quite a good insight to the Parisian mindset.

Rewatch Those Movies and TV Shows

For me one of the ultimate movies about Paris is Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. I just adore the movie and the making of it. You can imagine how thrilled I was that we visited the café Amélie is working in. But there are a lot of more movies that deal with Paris!

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Outfit Preparations for a Trip to Paris

A Parisian woman is known to be well dressed. I don’t believe that women need to dress to impress but from time to time it is amazing to look good. Especially when you are going to Paris! There are some certain clothes that I connect to Paris & France and where I think that you shouldn’t miss it!

A Trench Coat

The first thing that came to my mind that I need to own, when I would be going to Paris is a trench coat! Of course I didn’t settle for a Burberry one (althougj I would have loved this idea!) but I took a quick look in Kleiderkreisel (a platform where you can sell and buy second hand clothing.) and found a nice one from Guess. Combined with a nice scarf and some boots, you are almost looking like a Parisian now!

Trenchcot La Vie En Marine

Me and my trenchcoat!

Stripe Shirt

Another essential for the well-dressed woman in France is a stripey shirt. Looks all classic and great. Combine with boots, a jeans & red lipstick and here we go! Furthermore a striped shirt is a true allrounder and should be in the closet of every woman. It is also perfect for minimalists as it is that diverse!


Ok ok ok ok. Everyone does this. I know. But I HAD to. I bought a Beret for my trip to Paris. I am sorry ok? And I admit that I love it. Without it, I couldn’t embrace my inner Parisian.  So even when berets tend to be a thing for tourists it made me super happy to wear it. And this resulted in me having some nice pics to show to you!

Most beautiful place in Paris, trip to Paris - La Vie En Marine

In Paris

So did you get all into the Parisian mood in advance by reading and watching movies now? Did you get all the pieces you need? Then let’s talk about what to do in Paris to make you feel the true vibe of this beautiful city! Let me give you a few examples.

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Think Outside of The Box Instead of Only Visiting the Sites

Of course, when you are in Paris for the very first you want to see the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower but I insist that you should definitely skip some of the bigger attractions so you really get into the spirit of Paris as its city. And trust me there are so many cool and unusual things to do in Paris!

Because Paris has a lot more to offer than just the big attractions. If you just wander around some neighbourhoods and you can experience the true Paris! Our favourite place for example was St. Germain. We walked around there for hours and even ate there twice!

Another place that was awesome for walking (and indeed a bit of shopping!) all around Marais! There are tons of cute little boutiques and I even bought new shoes!

You could also think even outside of Paris. There are a lot of day trips that can start from Paris, like seeing Versailles or visiting Disney. Something plus merveilleux would also be to go on a Champagne Tour, starting from Paris.

Last but not least, I highly recommend to you, not just to visit the fassade of Sacre Coeur but also visit the back of it! My Parisian friend even told me: now that you have seen the back of Sacre Coeur, you are almost a Parisian too! The neighbourhood behind the church is incredibly beautiful and was so inviting.

So what I am trying to say is that you should not forget all those beautiful places of Paris, that you would miss if you would just go for the tourist attractions!

Eat Where The Locals Eat

Luckily I have a friend that lived in Paris so she could get me the one restaurant tip that I want to share with you! We ate there and were so in love with it that it I think there is no way around it when you are in Paris.

The name of the restaurant is Café Panis. It is directly next to the Notre Dame and if you visit it during the week it isn’t full. The restaurant has a beautiful interior and the food is amazing but not too expensive. For me, it is the perfect place to eat, as I couldn’t decide what to eat.

Café Panis - La Vie En Marine

Our lovely food!

Café Panis, Trip to Paris - La Vie En Marine

This was my dessert!

These are all my tips about how to get into a Parisian vibe! If you want to read more about my time in Paris, see my post about the Eiffel Tower! 

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Paris Preparations - La Vie En Marine


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