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June 1, 2017

Not everyone of you will know what I am talking about. What the heck is Norderney you may ask? It is a small but beautiful island in northern Germany and it is the third year in a row that we get there with our horses.

Getting there takes a four hour drive from where I live and an additional one by ferry but I spent the time sleeping with my head on hubbys lap which was very comfortable.

After arriving on the island we first took care of our horses and they were pretty happy being off the car. We had now the time to visit our own apartment. On Norderney you do everything by rental bikes. In the city you are only allowed to drive on your first and last day, so having a bike is really important.

As my boyfriend was with me (@Lucamassimilian) I decided to give my horse a rest and do a tour with Luca instead of taking a ride. We drove along the beaches and through the city of Norderney, which is very lovely  with cute shops and nice bars. But never ever forget the threatening danger of a bird shitting on you. One giant shit hit my shoe. I was so angry. You wouldn’t think there can be so much anger in a small person like me.

After our small trip we went home and suited up as we had our dinner at the “Friedrich” with our friends. This year we were there with 3 other couples so it is always a little crowdly. We had wonderful burgers and a nice timer with our beloved friends there. Find their website here

@Lucamassimilian and I decided to leave early so we get the chance to enjoy a wonderful sunset on the beach and it was definitely worth leaving earlier.

The next day we had some time on our hands before I had to take care of my horse so we drove to the islands north shore and enjoyed a lovely icecream at the beach. Then it was already time for me to take my first ride on a beach this year! It was simply amazing!
After we put our horses in the stall again we took a shower and did a small hike before we had our dinner. You must know on Norderney lays a shipwreck. But as it takes nearly 3 hours to get there it was too far away for a small hike before dinner in the dunes. Although the landscape is beautiful even if you don’t make it to the shipwreck.

We had our dinner at Weiße Düne. It is a very stylish restaurant. The menu is great and it is decorated very nicely. It is located near to a beach so you feel very close to the nature while sitting in. They have great wine and the best Hugo you can imagine. I think I have never drank a better one. For anyone wondering “Hugo” is prosecco with elderfloral syrup and mint. You can see mine below. So cheers to Weiße Düne. You created a wonderful cocktail.  Find their website here

And I had the best hugo! It was so fruity.

After our delicious dessert we went to bed very happy.

The next day my boyfriend wanted to leave but a row of unexpected circumstances he didn’t make it to the train home. He was already on the mainland again when all the trains he could have taken were cancelled. So he came back to me sooner than expected. We had a wondeful picknick on the beach and a wonderful dinner on the surf cafe which is located directly on the beach. This evening I had a burger where the bread was exchanged with potato pancakes. Really delicious.

It was a blessing to have him around one more day. We were so happy and relaxed that this day more we had was a real blessing. We took a walk to the centre of the city and had a coffee hat the Milchbar, which is the place to be on Norderney. (Find their website here).

Then we had our last ride on the beach for this year. My horse turns out to be an amazing beach-buddy. He is not that calm and relaxed that you wouldn’t be afraid of trying out new things like riding on a beach with him but each year he does so so well. I am a proud horse-mummy.

This evening we arrived late at our appartment but my father took the time to prepare a delicious meal for us. I am very sorry I can’t give you the recipe because it was out of a book made by locals for an exclusive use only, so you can’t order it from the internet. Sorry again for that.

The next day we got up early to catch our train home. Luckily this time everything went well and we got home safetly. It takes you a one hour ferry ride and a four hour train ride to get from Norderney to Düsseldorf but I enjoy this free time very much.

All in all Norderney is a beautiful desitnation and it is worth a visit. Not only the breath-taking nature but also the cute little city with all of its shops and bars (When you are a shopaholioc and a gourmet you will love it!). Norderney has also become a hotspot for partying in all ages. So if you have the chance to get to Norderney don’t hesitate too much!

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