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Hello and welcome back! While Europe is currently in the chokehold of the Corona Virus, I thought it might be a good idea to put down this list of the most inspiring travel movies that will keep you dreaming, while staying inside and to inspire you to travel again, once all of this over.

These movies are my personal selection of pieces that inspired me and that I hope do the same with you. You will see that I linked you the movies down below and when possible I also added the link to an additional book, in case you want to read further about these incredible stories.

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something that I recommend, I will earn a small commission. As always, this commission won’t make you pay any cent more, it only helps me to provide more helpful postings. 

1. Out Of Africa

There are many actors that I adore. But they all can’t really beat Meryl Streep (sorry Tom Hanks). She is hands down the best actress you can see and when I grow up, I want to be like her.

In Out of Africa she plays Karen Blixen, a Danish writer who had a farm in Africa. The movie portraits her time in Kenia, her work on the coffee fields and her relationship with Denys Fynch Hatton. This movie has everything: a great soundtrack, beautiful visualisation, romantic and humor. And afterwards you will want to go on safrai. Promised on this.

Out of Africa and some more safari movies make me want to go on safari so so bad, you can’t imagine how much I want to do it. I even researched all the photography gear I would need, only because it keeps me dreaming about it!

2. Hector And The Search For Happiness

I watched this movie out of pure curiosity but it became one of my favorite inspiring travel movie! Hector, a psychiatrist starts to wonder why no one of his patients ever starts to feel happy again. He starts a journey around the world and ends to find not only happiness but also back to his courage and the love of its life. Such a feel good movie that will make you laugh and cry!

3. The Hobbit & Lord of The Rings

Look, I am not trying to convince you to book a trip to Middle Earth after quarantine (which you could actually, real life Middle Earth is New Zealand) but what could be more inspiring to leave our flats again than excited Bilbo yelling “I am going on an adventure!” at the entire Shire? I bet in a few weeks, we will all look the same when we are going on our first trips after the crisis.

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ever thought that you would only live inside your head? Walter Mitty is a movie that shows exactly what happens when you stop dreaming and start actually living. Be aware, this will give you major fernweh for Islandic’ landscapes and adventures.

5. Jane

There are many extraordinary people that I look up too and one of them is Jane Goodall. For those who don’t know her, she is a primatologist and anthropologist who is famous for her work with chimpanzee’s. This documentary about her and her life you see exklusive footage of her working with monkeys and I can only speak for myself felt heavily inspired to move into a rainforest and dedicate my time to wildlife after watching it. Although you might not want to take such drastic steps, it will make you think about choosing some wilder holiday destination in the future. On my side: I got my jungle experience in Taman Negara, the world’s oldest rainforest!

6. P.S. I Love You

Cecilia Ahern, a Irish writer gifted us one of the most beautiful love stories there is. P.S. I Love You tells the story of Holly, moving on with her life after the death of her husband Gerry. She is not alone; Gerry left her letters he wrote before his death.

In 2007 we got the movie to the book. Although it takes place in New York instead of Dublin, it comes along with one of my favorite movie soundtracks and even more important (and why it made it to this list) with a journey of Holly to Ireland. We see incredible footage of Ireland and Galway that are just too lush and green not to book that flight to Dublin and to explore Ireland.

Want to read more about Ireland? Check out my Guide to Dublin!

7. Lawrence of Arabia

T. E. Lawrence was a very interesting historic figure involved in the Arab Revolte who lived in Jordan and whose life got turned into a very successful movie, that will inspire you to book your trip to the desert asap!

Funny side fact: The former king of Jordan met his wife on the set of this movie and today their son is the king of Jordan.

8. Crazy Rich Asians

When I lived abroad, I lived in Malaysia, which is quite close to Singapore. I have been there quite a few times so therefore it hit me hard when I first saw Crazy Rich Asians. Arriving at Changi, eating Satay at the Food Court, the Gardens by the Bay and the final moment on top of the Marina Bay Sands, all these are moments / places that I love so much! Watching this movie will inspire you to indulge in Singapore so much!

For further reading

9. Aladdin (new & Old)

Talking about movies that were shot in Wadi Rum, Jordan (and there are many that were shot there) one of them is Aladdin! And who doesn’t want to enjoy some Arabiaaaaaaaan niiiiiights? Well, now I got a song stuck in my head.

Check out the brand new Aladdin and enjoy Will Smith as a genie but never forget the one and only genie: Robin Williams. We truly never had a friend like you. R.I.P.

10. Tomb Raider

There is something about movies that use famous places in their stories. Tomb Raider has a few scenes in it, that take place in Cambodia, showing the beauties of Angkor Wat.

11. Mamma Mia

Missing Greece? Yes? Okay, after Mamma Mia you will miss it even more. But nevertheless is Mamma Mia the ultimate feel good movie (perfect for those days if you ask me!). Can you even feel sad when watching a movie with Meryl Streep (my hero, remember?) who is singing and dancing along the best Abba songs?

12. Anna And The King

My favorite inspiring travel movies might be Anna and the King. In general I like the movies best that are based on true people and stories and this movie is based on the stories of Anna Leonowens, an English teacher at the Siamese Court.

13. Angels & Demons / Illuminati

When I first saw the Da Vinci Code I was hooked. Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors and in Paris, I had to visit the Saint Sulpice. When I first watched Angels & Demons I knew I had to visit all the Illuminati Churches in Rome and when I was there earlier this year, I actually saw at least two of them! I even made it a point in my bucket list and so I think there is no way for you not to watch Angles and Demons quite soon!

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