Must Have Tech Gadgets for Travelers

Hello and welcome! Are you looking for some life changing tech devices for yourself or maybe for your loved ones as a gift? I am here to help! I put together this list of the best tech gadgets for travelers to get you some inspiration and to show you the things that I wouldn’t like to live without!

When traveling, I like to keep it quite simple and minimal, so this list does not come with a million gadgets to own, but only those who are essential for me and that I bring on basically every single trip. Also this list also contains a lot of great gift ideas for travelers, in case you might be looking for something for a loved one.

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something that I recommend, I will earn a small commission. As always, this commission won’t make you pay any cent more, it only helps me to provide more helpful postings. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Isn’t it funny how you always end up sitting next to the screaming toddler on a plane? Even if you don’t end up with a crying baby next to you, being in a plane can be incredible loud. Using noise cancelling headphones can be a true relief, especially if you want to sleep or need to focus. There are various models and brands and I haven’t yet find my personal favorite but in my experience you can’t go wrong with those from Bose!

Powerbank by Kreafunk

I am a proud owner of the iPhone 8. Some say it is outdated but I am still holding onto it. Nevertheless it is a little trouble coming with it: the battery of it dies insanely fast. What I urgently needed for travel days was a powerbank. And as I am focusing on functionality and aesthetics equally, I simply had to go for the Kreafunk Powerbank. It almost looks like a small pebble and has enough power to charge devices 1 – 2 times. 

An Action Camera for Epic Shots

It is a funny thing, that you need an Action Camera every single time that you left it at home and when you brought it, there is nothing to film! To be extra safe, I carry mine on body, every time I leave the house…just joking ok ok. 

But indeed all of the action cameras I owned are responsible for some of my favorite shots of all time. Nothing compares to seeing you swimming with a turtle being caught on film for you to remember it forever.

A Portable Speaker

Disclaimer: I do NOT support putting on loud music when you are disturbing someone else by playing it. Not everyone wants to listen to your music so play it only when you are for yourself. Places where you shouldn’t put on loud music are: every single piece of public transport, beaches and city spaces.

Phone music is awful, we got it for now. If you get the chance by sky rocking your music’s quality by a little device that fits into every backpack then why shouldn’t you do so? Portable speakers come in every size, color and form and are just so so useful! 

A Converter

Something that I forget every single time when I am packing. It is not something that I think about everyday, but it is definitley worth to think about: in this world we are divided by one major thing: unmachting Steckdosen.

Each time I travel somewhere with different ones, I will forget it and add another converter to my evergrowing collection. I bet by the time I am old, I can link each converter to another airport that I bought it at!

Tech Pouch by Peak Design

Well well well, you also need something to hold all of your gear. The Tech Pouch by Peak Design is something that is on the top of my wishlist! It is made to hold all of your cables and items while keeping it clear and organized. On top of that it looks super stylish and comes with much more space than usual pouches.


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