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Sustainable Fashion Brands of Europe

Hello and welcome (back)! This week, everything here is dedicated to Sustainable Fashion! After marie-kondoing my whole closet, it was time for me to invest in some new favourite pieces. And could there any better moment to buy fashion that is almost free of an environmental impact? My answer to my empty wardrobe could only be looking for the best sustainable fashion brands of Europe!

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something that I recommend, I will earn a small commission. As always, this commission won’t make you pay any cent more, it only helps me to provide more helpful postings. 

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion Brands?

The world is in a crisis. Anyone who isn’t knowing this, should definitely leave the house and read the news more often. And anyone who is denying climate change is a threat to our future.

It might surprise you but the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to climate change and pollution.

Is More Really More?

To fulfill the growing demands of the market, more and more clothing is produced. Every week new items arrive at the stores so everyone gets their new trending it piece. The waste of resources is huge. Sadly fashion and clothing is slowing transforming into almost single-used items. They are cheap and you know it. It bet a lot of them barely last you a whole season.

And even if certain stores offer recycling programs: do you really think it is worth the effort to reuse those fabrics? Well the land of denial must be beautiful.

It is All About The Material

Furthermore a huge part of those cheap clothes are made from synthetic fibers and each time you wash it, small pieces of it break off & get into our drinking water. This invasion of microplastic has gone so far, that you can find these tiny plastics in drinking water, beer or by now even in humans. Lovely, isn’t it?

If the piece not made of synthetic fibers but from simple cotton, you can be sure that many liters of water were used to produce just one single shirt. Furthermore for the production of cotton serval pesticides are used which isn’t good for the environment either.

Why Not Rethinking The Way we Dress?

So instead of wishing for a wardrobe filled with low quality clothes I want to gather a collection of clothes I love and that I feel comfortable and amazing in! And that’s why I started to look further into the best sustainable fashion brands in Europe! On my way to minimalism I decided to not only get rid off my old clothes but also of most of my usual consumption habits.

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Two Thirds

A relatively new found of mine! Two Thrids produces goods for a better future & this means all their products are either made from natural fibers or from recycled synthetic ones. With every new collection they strive for less impact on the environment with their ultimate goal being without an impact!

Their clothing comes in a great variety of colours and covers all the ranges from tops to bottoms!

You can find their website here.

Erlich Textil

Looking for some new underwear? Maybe something with lace? Convenient ones are often made of poor fabrics and eventually dissolve very fast.

Ehrlich textil wants to offer products that are made to last you longer. With timeless design and great quality their products are made to touch you. Their materials used are certified for being organic. Furthermore they produce their underwear in Europe & their facilities are often checked for their social standards.

You can find their website here.

Kuyichi Pure Goods

After my beloved jeans was worn down, I had to think about an alternative. It took me some time to decide for one brand but in the end I found Kuyichi. And I am in love. The jeans is super flexible while still being made from high quality. How could I ever wear any cheaply produced jeans?

Kuyichi uses GOTS certificated cotton and their leather patch is made from a vegan material. Their trousers come in a lot of different shapes and colours!

Trousers by Kuyichi will last you super long due to their amazing quality!


Hessnatur is a German fashion brand, that produces their clothes in Germany. They only use GOTs certified cotton and believe in slowing down. As I was curious and in the need of a new dress I ordered one from their website. It actually took more than a month to finally arrive at my place, but the wait was definitely worth it! I adore this dress and the fact that it is sustainable makes me love it even more!

Hessnatur, Hofgarten, Sustainable Fashion Brands of Europe - La Vie En Marine
Hessnatur, Hofgarten pt. II, Sustainable Fashion Brands by La Vie En Marine

People Tree

If you are in love with sustainable fashion and coloured flowery patterns, People Tree is the number one brand for you! Their dresses are made to be versatile so that they can be worn with countless outfits. So you can wear them in any season in multiple ways, making it perfectly suitable for capsule wardrobes!

luella stripe dress

People Tree only uses natural fibres or those that follow loop processes as for example Tencel. If cotton is used, it is GOTS certified and polluting substances are avoided. All in all, they are sustainable and so incredibly pretty! 

Eco Friendly Rain Coats

Yellow raincoats are one of my favorite crops for pictures! They just add the perfect splash of color for incredible Instagram shots. My coat is by BMS and they only use materials that are free of toxins and on top of that it is vegan! They also have a wider color range, so if you are more into a red splash of color, you will be served well!

On that picture of me in the Scottish Highlands I actually wear my BMS Coat and my Kuyichi jeans!

Sustainable Shoe Brands

Looking for some new sneakers? I got you covered. The next three brands are all dedicated to produce the perfect sneakers.


Let’s start with Veja. They focus on the transparency of every single step of their production chain while securing that their materials come from fair trade and are sustainable.

Furthermore they turned their backs to some usual practices of the fashion industry. First of all their overall motto is to be equally sustainable and trendy. Therefore they invest a lot of time in designing their sneakers but also making sure they are produced with the highest possible standards. And they do not advertise them as they want to keep the cost for the consumer as low as possible.

You can find their website here.


These sneakers are made from wool, what makes them your new best friends during warm days but they will also keep you warm on cold days. So you can wear them all year round! But they also have some beautiful boots and slippers for your home! Just in case, sneakers are not what you are looking for!

Me rocking my Urban Wooler in Black in Wadi Rum!


Neither Veja nor Baabuk shoes suited you? Well, let me suggest another great shoe brand to you! Ethletics shoes are all made of fair-traded cotton & what I really enjoy is that their sole is made of natural rubber. That means no more harmful microplastics that come from your soles!

Eco-friendly Backpacks & Bags


To be honest: I have a beautiful travel backpack & some wonderful regular ones. But when I saw Ethnotek’s I wanted to buy more. Regarding backpacks I am like Arielle. I have so many of them but who cares? No big deal; I want more! And right now I would do anything for a Ethnotek backpack!

You can choose between different sizes of backpacks and different styles. They all have the colourful front in common and for those who are not into colours they also have ones in black!

You can find their website here!

So far these are the brands that I can recommend! Of course I am always looking for more brands and therefore new brands and inspiration will follow soon! Stay tuned!

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Sustainable Fashion Brands of Europe by La Vie En Marine

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