5 Things to Pack For Your Hygge Weekend!

Hello and welcome (back)! You heard me writing about Hygge before, I admit. But this post is a bit different. Hygge is more than a way of life, Hygge is a feeling. Going to Copenhagen will make you see and experience it but if you really want to understand hygge, you simply have to feel it. There are a few things to do to trigger the hygge feelings like put on a fire in a fireplace and having hot chocolate next to it, but maybe not everyone is having access to one. That’s why I put up these list of things you can easily get (or maybe even have at home already!)

If you are going to Copenhagen, I said it in another post, make sure to stay in an Airbnb, as the atmosphere of staying in an home will give you more hygge. In case you stay in a hotel or hostel, these things will help to create a more hygge atmosphere!

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Hygge Book Or Any Book You Like to Read.

Well, you might have guessed it in advance, but the first item on this list, is the one thing that even made it possible for the rest of the world to get to know about Hygge.

Written by Maik Wiking, a happiness researcher this book tells you everything you need to know about hygge. What to do to feel it, what to eat, drink, etc. etc. It is beautiful inside and outside and I would really miss if it wouldn’t be there on my bookshelf!

Comfy Sweater

Everyone in Copenhagen is wearing one. They come in all ranges of colours & patterns and no one can style them as perfectly as Danish women: the comfortable sweaters.

They are essential for the hygge and not only for outdoors. After a long day no matter the occasion isn’t it great to come home to snuggle into a nice warm sweater?

Choosing the right sweater can be tough, for me it is important that it is cuddly and made of natural fibers!

Small Scented Candle

In the his hygge book, Maik Wiking dedicates a whole chapter to the right light for hygge. The best solution is candle light, as it is a warm and natural light. I personally prefer to have a small scented candle with me to actually get a more romantic atmosphere combined with some good smells.

I am actually crazy about scented candles. My personal favourites are from Krindle or Goose Creek Candle, but I also love some natural ones. My absolute favourite was the Siabann Skin Candle. When you burn it, you ca actually use the warm wax as a body oil. It smells heavenly and leaves your skin super soft!

Scented Candle for the Hygge

A Snack or Pastry of Your Choice

Well, to be honest, you can get this wherever you are and don’t have to bring it in particular. But I still wanted it to be on this list, as the enjoyment of this coziness also includes treating yourself a bit. And this means that you are allowed to have everything your heart desires for. Chocolate? Cake? Or maybe something hearty? The choice is yours!

Side Note: buying something from the supermarket is ok aswell, but if you eat it, make sure to remove the plastic packaging. It will make it harder for the hygge. Put it on a plate to make it look nicer, rather than just eating it from the box / wrapper etc.!

If I would get to choose my favorite snack from Copenhagen, I would go with this cheesecake!

Bring Your Favorit Playlist for Cozy Evenings!

Sounds crazy but make sure to choose your favourite music playlist for chilling out. No matter if you create one yourself or just one that was already put up by someone. Choose one for your favorite songs to relax and disconnect just for a while.

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Coming to a Close..

So as you might noticed, every thing on this list is appealing to one particular sense. In my job I learned that if you want to make an impression last, make sure that you address every single sense. I hope these tips will make you have a wonderful time and turn you into a hygge fan too! If you have more aspects to add, let me know!

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