How I spent 48 hours in Singapore

How I spent 48 hours in Singapore

For a girl who loves to travel it is a jackpot to have a mother who is a flight attendant. This January I had the chance to visit Singapore with her. It was my second journey to Asia and I couldn’t have been more excited.

After a long flight from Frankfurt to Singapore, we took the Crewbus to our hotel: the Carlton City, located in the city centre and only a few minutes away from the Lau Pasat, where we had our first dinner. It is a classical food court where you can get lots of different delicious food, so it is ideal for going out with groups.

Lau Pa Sat Singapore

We had the best dumplings, wonderful fried shrimps and great satays. I loved this place and can’t wait to go back to have more dumplings like these. It is crowded, loud and everyone is so busy. I would not recommend the toilets though but despite from this, the Lau Pasat is definitely a must-see!

After our delicious dinner, we took some time to slowly walked back to our hotel. We stopped at a little rooftop bar and had some amazing cocktails at an amazing rooftop bar. I don’t know if you feel the same but I feel super poshy in rooftop bars! And the cocktails taste 100x times better than on the ground floor. Maybe somebody can help me to solve this riddle.



After our cocktail and a little stroll through China Town, we fell into our cosy beds at the Carlton City.

The next day we had our breakfast at Starbucks. (I have to admit that I am just a basic white girl who loves to have breakfast at Starbucks).

We decided that it would be best if we get a ticket to the hop-on-hop-off busses so we could easily get everywhere we want to and still see everything.

The first route we took was around the whole city so I could get a first overview. We drove to the Marina Bay Sands, saw the Merlion, the Raffles Hotels (Sadly we missed having a Singapore Sling there, but well we only had 48 hours.)

After we finished the first trip we took the next bus to a wonderful destination: the botanical garden! It is simply stunning. We took the small path through a primary jungle and spend some time feeding fish at a small lake. I could really spend hours at locations like this as I love being surrounded by plants. And the Singapore Botanical gardens are the perfect lush nature getaway in the city!

(Find their website here!)

Singapore botanical gardens Afterwards we took the bus to the famous orchard road to do some shopping. In Germany, there is no Victoria’s Secret so I had to spend a little extra time there 😉 and boy…that escalated quickly.

With heavily filled bags we made our way to Marina Bay Sands where we had a sundowner at the CĂŠ la vi. This might be the best recommendation I can give you! It works this way:

At the ground level of the Marina Bay Sands, you have to pay them for letting you take the elevator to the bar that is up there. When you want something to eat or drink, you can use your ticket as a voucher, so you basically get the entry AND a great cocktail. And well. It is truly worth it!

It was really awesome. As if you become a part of the rich and famous. After our cocktail, we took a taxi to Lau Pasat and had some delicious food again! At our hotel, I had a great strawberry daiquiri at its rooftop bar!

This was also our last evening. Time flies by when you have only 48 hours.

The next day we had our breakfast at the hotel and afterwards, we used the remaining time of our bus ticket and took the tours we didn’t take yet. So we saw Little India, a wonderful, vibrant and exciting neighbourhood. When our ticket expired we simply went to China Town by foot. Therefore there were still decorations from the New Years festival and it was simply stunning. 2017 is the year of the rooster so there were roosters everywhere.

Soon we also had to pack our bags for the way home. It is a long flight but there is no better way to fly as with Lufthansa 😉

If you want to read more about my adventures in Asia, check out this post about Singapore’s neighbour Kuala Lumpur!

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