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Why You Should Travel Solo

Do you know that feeling that you sometimes get addicted to something? That you tried something for the first time and now are absolutely hooked up? That you want to do it again and again and again? That’s how travelling solo felt for me. When I did it the very first time I was scared of being alone, that I would be bored or that something bad would happen. But in the end, I came back home being the happiest traveller on earth. And that’s the exact same reason why I think that you should travel solo too! 

You Are a Strong Independent Individual, Who is Totally Capable of Going Somewhere on Its Own. 

It is not always easy to find a travel buddy and there are a lot of things to keep in mind when picking a travel buddy. But not having a travel buddy shouldn’t be a reason not to visit a place if you have the chance to go.  Of course, there are countries in the world where you shouldn’t go alone as a solo female traveller but in my experience, the world is a much safer place than you usually think. Nevertheless, there are some precautions to take which are quite obvious. Here are some of my favourites anyway:

Go to bed early. I am not so much of a party person and rather like to enjoy sunrises. After running around all day I am super tired in the evening and love to be back at my hostel quite early. If you like to go out, make sure to always keep an eye on your drink and take a taxi back to the hostel.

Know the emergency numbers of the country you visit. In general, it is important to know the emergency numbers for the country you stay in and to have a working phone to contact them.

Always pay attention to your surroundings. Never wear headphones on both ears. It will distract you from possible dangers. Furthermore, it is very interesting to listen to other peoples conversations. Maybe it is a way to find new friends when you hear somebody speaking your tongue.

 And never lose sight of your belongings (it would be very bad if you would lose your passport. Moreover, it is very stressful and most of the time we travel to have a good time right?

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You Are Totally Free to Roam Around And do Whatever Pleases You. 

After arriving at my destination I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I went directly to the beach and could lay there and write. When I got bored I could stand up and go to a café to eat some cake. I could go to a massage (went twice this weekend) and had no discussion on what I want to eat.

Maybe this feeling of freedom you get when travelling solo comes from the fact that our lives are still very determined. Especially when we have a job, relationship, apartment, kids, etc, it isn’t quite easy to do the things you like. These things are worth the responsibility that comes with them but from time to time a breakout is wonderful.

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You Return Home so Self Confident

Maybe You Will Feel alone, scared, lonely and helpless at some point. I know because I did. When I arrived at the destination of my first solo trip my credit card got declined and I didn’t have any cash with me. Not a great way to start the trip. But I had to handle the situation like a grown up and found a solution. This whole process of over coming situations like these make you so confident and will really boost your self esteem. I stayed in a bamboo hut in the middle of the tropical jungle and swam with glowing algae. Never ever is there something I was prouder of. These situations had me scared so much but I made it. And that’s the greatest feeling.

girl in the lavender fields

You Are More Open-Minded to Culture And Experiences 

When you are travelling with a companion, you are often focused on each other. Of course? We chat, we talk and sometimes we are even consumed by our partner. This of course will rob you of impressions. The cities I explored on my own are way clearer in my memory, as I could inhale so much more detail because that was all I focused on. Through talking to strangers I could learn more about the local culture, food and people, things that I would never ever learn if I with a friend of mine. Generally speaking, solo travel is quiet. You are quiet so that you can soak up the noise around you. And that’s what makes the difference.

You Will Find New Friends From All Over The World

Staying in a hostel is not only a great way to save some money but also to meet friends all over the world. So in the case of you feeling lonely you can find someone to spend some time with! During my journeys, I found friends from all over the world and we did some tours and sightseeing together, which was awesome! It is a pleasure and a great way to challenge yourself!

So What’s The Point Of Solo Travel?

All in all, I can say I enjoyed travelling alone and I would recommend to try it at least once! If you don’t like it you don’t have to do it again but it can be a good lesson if you are able to face all the difficulties it might bring. I will definitely do it again and as I speak (or write) my next solo trip is already booked. But if you still don’t think that traveling solo is a thing for you, keep these tips in mind when picking a travel buddy!

Have you ever been on a solo trip and did you like it? Leave me a comment and let’s discuss!

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Why You Should Travel Solo - La Vie En Marine


  • Ann

    When I went overseas to visit my brother in Germany , I explored many of the cities by myself by taking the train, since he had to work part of the time. I wasn’t alone the whole trip but it definitely gave me a sense of traveling solo!

    • paula

      Oh where in Germany did you stay?
      And did you enjoy to travel alone?

  • Lily

    I fell into solo traveling by accident, on two separate trips the people I planned to go with bailed out on me, so I went by myself! I was not prepared for the loneliness on that first trip, but I’ve learned to make friends as I go. The worst part of solo travel is not being able to order all kinds of food, I want to try everything but I can’t eat it all myself. Where are you going for your next trip?

    • paula

      Oh no! But good you went anyway! And yeah haha, well in some places it is easier. In Asia it is still very cheap, even if you order a lot.
      And my next trip is going to be a trip through Thailand and Cambodia but I might also see Brunei before!

      • Lily

        Those sound awesome! SE Asia had never been high on my list, but as more and more people go and share their travels, I’m starting to really want to go now. Hope you have a lot of fun!

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