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Why You Should Travel Solo

Hello, my lovely fellows! Usually I am super lucky to always have a travel buddy by my side to explore our planet, but nevertheless sometimes I cannot find someone to travel with. But this is not an option for me not to travel. Because recently I discovered solo travel for me!

Because it makes sense. Why should I miss on my opportunity to have an awesome vacation? Why should I miss on a certain destination, just because no one wants to join me?

Just go alone is the easy answer. But traveling solo is not an easy answer at all, if you haven’t done it before. For me, traveling solo for the first time was a bit scary and the second time was just as challenging.

Traveling Solo has a lot of pros and cons. Things that you might consider before booking the trip.

What Kind of Problems Will I Have to Face?

During my time alone in Cambodia (Read more about this here!) & Krabi I had a lot of problems or inconveniences to overcome. Just to name a few it would be:

My credit card didn’t work and I couldn’t contact my bank. Luckily it was just the atm not working and I was able to buy a Sim card and get cash at another place.

I felt alone and helpless. You will laugh about this but during my time in Cambodia, I slipped and scratched myself a little bit. It was not that bad but I was super worried that it could get infected. The answer if you feel alone or helpless is just to ask someone for help! It might be the concierge or a roommate! In my case, the concierge gave me some desinfectant and everything was fine!

– I felt lonely and was scared. Some nights I booked a bedroom for my own (not a shared room in a hostel) and I felt so lonely in that nights. Three of them were even in the middle of the jungle and I really couldn’t sleep, as it was so loud and I felt so insecure. The fear of a gecko falling onto my face or spiders, mosquitoes or something else to sit on me was just too real. The solution to this is to always stay in a hostel while traveling solo. It is nice to have company and most of the time, the hostels I booked were clean and nice.

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But there can be more to fear.

Unfortunately yes. The world we live in can be quite dangerous and that’s why we should be rather safe than sorry. I list a few things for you to do, in order to feel safe.

Go to bed early. I as a person like to go to bed early, so I can get up early. Therefore I avoided one of the biggest sources of problems: getting drunk and/or being alone in the dark.

If you go out make sure not to drink too much and that you are not alone. Go out with some people from your hostel! Or if you go alone, get a taxi home, even if it is expensive.

Know the emergency numbers of the country you visit. In general, it is important to know the emergency numbers for the country you stay in and to have a working phone to contact them.

Always pay attention to your surroundings. Never wear headphones on both ears. It will distract you from possible dangers. Furthermore, it is very interesting to listen to other peoples conversations. Maybe it is a way to find new friends when you hear somebody speaking your tongue.

And never lose sight of your belongings (it would be very bad if you would lose your passport. Moreover, it is very stressful and most of the time we travel to have a good time right?

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And What about Solo Travel Did I Actually Enjoy?

After arriving to my destination I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I went directly to the beach and could lay there and write. When I got bored I could stand up and go to a café to eat some cake. I could go to a massage (went twice this weekend) and had no discussion on what I want to eat.

Travelling Solo by La Vie En Marine

Maybe this feeling of freedom you get when travelling solo comes from the fact that our lives are still very determined. Especially when we have a job, relationship, apartment, kids, etc, it isn’t quite easy to do the things you like. These things are worth the responsibility that comes with them but from time to time a breakout is wonderful.

So What’s The Point Of Solo Travel?

All in all, I can say I enjoyed travelling alone and I would recommend to try it at least once! If you don’t like it you don’t have to do it again but it can be a good lesson if you are able to face all the difficulties it might bring. I will definitely do it again and as I speak (or write) my next solo trip is already booked. But if you still don’t think that traveling solo is a thing for you, keep these tips in mind when picking a travel buddy!

Have you ever been on a solo trip and did you like it? Leave me a comment and let’s discuss!

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Why You Should Travel Solo | La Vie En Marine



  • Ann

    When I went overseas to visit my brother in Germany , I explored many of the cities by myself by taking the train, since he had to work part of the time. I wasn’t alone the whole trip but it definitely gave me a sense of traveling solo!

    • paula

      Oh where in Germany did you stay?
      And did you enjoy to travel alone?

  • Lily

    I fell into solo traveling by accident, on two separate trips the people I planned to go with bailed out on me, so I went by myself! I was not prepared for the loneliness on that first trip, but I’ve learned to make friends as I go. The worst part of solo travel is not being able to order all kinds of food, I want to try everything but I can’t eat it all myself. Where are you going for your next trip?

    • paula

      Oh no! But good you went anyway! And yeah haha, well in some places it is easier. In Asia it is still very cheap, even if you order a lot.
      And my next trip is going to be a trip through Thailand and Cambodia but I might also see Brunei before!

      • Lily

        Those sound awesome! SE Asia had never been high on my list, but as more and more people go and share their travels, I’m starting to really want to go now. Hope you have a lot of fun!

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