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Pursuing my Bucket List: Shoot with Bow and Arrow

As you may know, I try to pursue my personal ultimate bucket list. Point after point I was able to do a lot of things already. So I was super happy that I stumbled upon my next achievement by accident while strolling through the streets of Riga. I would shoot with bow and arrow!

Me and my travel-buddy where walking through Riga, admiring the architecture when we came to the stall of Old Town Archery Riga. I was about to pass it already before it hit me like a train, that it is a point on my bucket list!

So for ten arrows I paid 5€ and got instructions on how to shoot from a very nice girl who worked for Old Town Archery.

Let’s come to the fun part

Shooting with Bow & Arrow is easier than you think, as long as you do it with the exact same technique as shown to you. And this is the problem.

After my first shoot I forgot to bring my hand up my face and fast about two or three of my arrows missed their goal.

But then the lady showed me what I was doing wrong and afterwards every shot was where it was supposed to be. I even hit the target right in the center one time!

So you see this was a very nice activity and I would recommend to do this at least once, if you get the chance! Thank you to Old Town Archery Riga and to my friend Corinna for patiently taking pictures of me!

If you want to read more about my bucket list adventures check out my whole bucket list or about the first time I visited rice terraces.

You are now reading about my first time shooting with a bow and arrow.


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