Body Care on the Go

Body Care on the Go

Hello, my lovely readers. Nice to welcome you again for a post about how to save the environment and your environment at the same time. I mean nobody wants smelly tourists in his city. So here are my tips to travel stylish, hygienic and environment-friendly.

And you know what’s the best part of it? All of my tips help you to travel lighter. So when you keep these products in mind your heavy bags will become a little bit less heavy.

I tested and use all of these products and I really love them, as I think they are more convenient than other things!

1) get a Lush shampoo bar

The best things Lush has to offer! I tried a bottled shampoo a few months ago and I was very glad when it was empty again. Now I am lucky to use the Seanik!

2) Solid perfume for the win

Another great Lush product. (No this post is not sponsored.) You can get the perfumes in many scents and in many formats. I prefer the small pot. Small and it won’t break inside of your suitcase.

3) Customized make up a palette

I am a makeup addict. I love eyeshadow, rouge and lipsticks. For my travels, I prefer to bring one palette instead of five. You can get them from nearly every Make-up company. I got mine from Mac Cosmetics. I filled it with eyeshadow but it can be filled with blush instead too, so you have nearly everything in one place.

4) Solid soap

Shower gels are likely to spill inside of your bag. Just get a piece of soap instead. Small and not liquid. Smells great tho.

5) One thing rule

Whenever I want to pack 100 lipsticks, 200 blushes and 300 eyeshadows I try to remember the one thing rule: From every category only pick 1 thing: 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 blush and 1 lipstick. Or maybe 2 lipsticks…a girl needs her lipstick variation.

So, all in all, I try to avoid liquids as much as I can. I hope this post brings you one or two ideas on how to travel more lightly. Furthermore, tip 1), 2) and 4) also save plastic so it is a double win!

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