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5 Minimalist Habits to Embrace Today!

Hello and welcome! I might be a bit too late to refer to spring cleaning and having a fresh start, but to be honest: the effects of minimalism are wonderful all year round. And since minimalism doesn’t end with decluttering your belongings, I simply had to give you an idea of how to live a happy minimalist life, even when the declutter is gone. These 5 minimalist habits are meant to help you, to live a life, where you are more productive, mindful, healthy and most importantly, happier. And as I don’t want to bore you with a long introduction, let’s start right away!

The One-Minute Rule

Let’s be honest: wouldn’t we all want to live in Pinterest like rooms? Not due to the interior (well ok maybe not all because of the interior) but because everything is so well cleaned and tidied up! A clean and tidy environment is essential to a minimalist as it helps to calm the mind and ease your thoughts. A clean environment will make you happy and will boost your productivity.

But most of the time we have to face an ugly truth (as far as I am concerned): as a full-time student, that also has to work 15 hours a week, I am lacking in energy to actually keep my place maintained all the time. It is frustrating. But there is hope. The One-Minute rule.

As soon as you get home or wake up, you need to do everything in your home that only takes one minute to do. That could include making your bed, putting everything in your dishwasher, tidying up stuff. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of these small clean ups. Even if you don’t have the time to do a complete clean-up, those tiny actions will give you a good feeling or even fuel you to do more.

And if you do them everyday, your flat will get cleaner and cleaner over time and therefore motivate you to do even more. I promise you that it is a process. You just have to start somewhere.

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Screw Everything That “Saves” You Time

Our lives are incredibly fast paced nowadays. We have fast food, coffee to go & can even buy our fruits and veggies peeled and diced already. They come with harmful plastic packages hurting our planet. And if they do not cost us time, what do they really cost us?

All these products are handy, when you are in a rush. The coffee to go saves you, when you are late to school / office, the fast food comforts you after a rough day when you can’t bear the time to cook and want to reward yourself with something and the peeled fruits are a nice reminder, that you should have more fruits and spare you from cutting them up yourself. You can’t argue about these things.

When it comes to fast food, you are willingly buying something that is low in quality. It actually can’t be good, nutritious or healthy when it cost you less than 5€. Furthermore all these products suggest you that you are in a rush. Every now and then it is ok to be stressed, but it should be a temporary situation. By slowing down, you are able to let go of stress and avoid building new one.

And therefore: Screw everything promising it saves you time. Slow down. Relax. Embrace the ritual of making yourself a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Learn how to cook easy recipes you love, which are finished within ten minutes. Peel your fruits yourself. Or simply buy some you don’t even need to peel.

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Taking your time to mindfully embrace things is essential to live a happy, minimalist life.

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Don’t Buy Anything to That Has a TV Commercial (or Any Commercial)

Everyday we get in touch with countless companies, promoting their newest products. And when it comes to shampoo or cosmetics all I ever see are commercials of products that will solve all your problems. Cleaning is easy, your hair is silky and your lashes are more voluminous than ever before. Sounds perfect.

But if you actually have a closer look to them, you will notice that all of them contain chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Some of them are micro plastics, some of them might be toxic and some of them might be chemicals you don’t want to get in touch with.

By ditching all those products with commercial and focusing on buying products from smaller brands you will gather equipment that isn’t harmful to your our your environment. If you go one step further you will even start to make the products you need on your own. By doing so you know exactly what’s in there and what you are putting onto your body.

Bonus: Natural products of self made ones come with simpler and more minimal packaging. They will turn your shelves into a minimalist looking dream, with no colorful, showy and distracting products.

More On Minimalism?

Be Offline For One Hour a Day (at Least!)

If you check your screen time every now and then you might realize how much time you actually spend on your phone, laptop or tablet every day. It. Is. Shocking. For example: I am so used to using a device all the time, that I use two devices at a time. My phone for being on Instagram and my tablet for watching my favorite shows. It frightens me, that i might waste a lot of precious life time simply looking at a glowing rectangle. And I know it a habit that is hard to break and a hard one to embrace but I try to be offline for at least one hour a day. That’s the time when I am with my horse or when I read or when I am on a date night with bae and to be honest: these are the times I most enjoy about my day. Unwiring is something we all need to do more and to do it everyday.

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Let The Declutter Continue!

There are many forms of decluttering. Some prefer doing all of it at once, some put everything in boxes to see if they miss it, some get rid off one thing per day. All of them have their pros and cons and no matter which one you prefer: don’t stop the decluttering. If you don’t want the stuff to pile up again, check if there are any things you don’t need or use anymore. Let them go, to ensure your life without unnecessities continues.

And these are my tips! Thank you so much for reading and sticking up until the very end! I hope my tips are useful and help you to create a life you enjoy the fullest!

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Minimalist Habits To Embrace Today! - La Vie En Marine

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