48 hours in Hong Kong

48 hours in Hong Kong

Hello and welcome everybody! In late August was ‚bring your kid to work‘ time for my mother. Not an official date as my mother is a flight attendant but she took me to work anyway. So we could experience Hong Kong for 48 hours!

Earlier this year I have been to Singapore with her and now we went to another vibrant city. We have been to Hongkong together before but this was in 2011 which seems to be a lifetime ago.

Getting there is was a real adventure at first as the flight was delayed and it nearly was too late to start off. Then after 11 hours of flying, we were faced with the typhoon which was currently in that area.

But all in all, we arrived safely at Hongkong but with the shittiest weather one can imagine. Well better on a rainy adventure than bored at home but I rather like my destinations to be sunny.

Arriving at the Renaissance Harbour View the weather did not get any better but that won’t stop me from enjoying my trip!

We took the Star ferry to the mainland and walked to the restaurant we wanted to visit.  In 2011 we ate there too and we thought it would be funny to start this trip there again!

Hong Kong Harbour
The Restaurant is called Nomads and is a Mongolian buffet. It is really awesome. You can create your own meal with a lot of ingredients and they grill it for you. Furthermore, they have delicious appetizers and you can even create your own pizza (but the grill is by far better!). To visit their website click here!

Afterwards, we couldn’t deny it anymore that it was raining as if the world would end right away. Hong Kong was clearly not greeting us nicely. But my mother was there to rescue with a plastic cape which kept us safe! (You can find them here!)

a blogger wearing a cape to be protected from rain
Although we were still able to visit the Night Market on Temple street and one (and maybe the only) advantage of walking in the pouring rain is that you are very alone doing this. There was barely anyone on the market and it was a blast. I don’t like huge crowds; I urgently need my personal space and therefore the rain was not all bad at least.

After visiting the market we made our way back to the renaissance harbour view and snuggled in, hoping that the next day would be sunnier.

Aaaaaand it was not better. But we seized the day anyway. To cope with the weather we decided to do some indoor activities. First, we got to a Spa and had a nice massage. We love to do wellness things everytime we go on a trip. The Spa we went to was called Asian Foot Spa and very clean and nice. As my mom and I are both afraid of bacteria we are very picky.

Leaving the Spa relaxed we first went to Le Pain Quotidien and had some breakfast. You can get the best avocado toast there and also some nice coffee.

Afterwards, we walked across the city and did some shopping till the late afternoon.

dragon monument in Hong Kong

One of the things you shouldn’t miss when you want to fully experience Hong Kong is to visit the peak. We decided to have our dinner there even though it was very foggy. We took a cab and had a nice walk around the area before we ate at the Peak Lookout Restaurant. Usually, you can have the best view from their terrace but due to the fog, we couldn’t see anything.

View in the Valley from the Peak

waterfall from victoria trail
Getting down that hill was a true adventure as our taxi driver drove crazy as hell but we made it.

We couldn’t believe it but the next morning we woke up to a burning sun and 30 degrees. As if we waited patiently enough to be rewarded with good weather.

To seize our last day in Hong Kong and the fantastic weather we took the bus to Stanley to spend some time at the beaches. It was totally awesome and we soaked up every sunbeam we could.

As we had to leave later this afternoon we had to take the bus back way too soon. But to fill our remaining time we took the star ferry to the mainland once more and took a walk along the water.

sail boat in the harbour
While my mother went to bed to take a nap I spent some time at the pool having this wonderful view. And this was already our 48 hours stay in Hong Kong and it was amazing. Lots of love to the #crewlife!

victoria harbour

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